Best Window and Door Types for Your Home

There are many reasons to replace the windows and doors in your home. You could be repairing damages or simply giving your home a little facelift. Either way, if you’re looking for replacement windows or doors, it’s a good idea to choose ones that work best for your home.

There are many different types of homes that are popular throughout America. Some of these types of houses originated on the west coast, east coast, or even the midwest—but have since become popular all across the country.

Find your type of house below to see which doors and windows you should choose.

  • Craftsman:

    Craftsman homes are known for their stone-covered exteriors and big porches. This style of home was particularly popular in the late 19th to early 20th century. Because these homes are so beautiful and historical, many people are trying to restore and maintain them.

    • Best types of windows: Fiberglass double-hung and casement windows
    • Best types of doors: Stained wood doors with glass accents or glass art
  • Classic or Colonial:

    With large porches, shutters, and wood detailing, classic or colonial homes are warm and inviting. They are a modernization of colonial style houses, which were popular in America’s early years.

    • Best types of windows: Double-hung or multi-pane aluminum windows
    • Best types of doors: Paneled wood doors with glass accents above and around the door
  • Ranch:

  • Ranch homes were particularly popular in the west and southwest, including in Houston. However, this style of home has spread throughout the country, especially during the 1960s. These houses are often single-story.
    • Best types of windows: Fixed or casement windows that let in lots of light
    • Best types of doors: Wood doors with glass panelling and sliding glass doors
  • Farmhouse:

    Farmhouses were originally used on, well, farms. This style of home originated in the midwest, but is used throughout the country. Farmhouses are known for simple 19th century design with large porches, narrow windows, and wood sidings.

    • Best types of windows: Tall and narrow double-hung fiberglass windows
    • Best types of doors: Paneled wood doors with surrounding glass detailing
  • Modern:

    Modern homes became particularly popular in the 1950s and 60s, but have had a increase in popularity the last few years. They often have clean lines, flat or forward-sloping roofs, and wide horizontal windows.

    • Best types of windows: Bay, casement, and single- or double-hung windows in simple shapes like rectangles or triangles
    • Best types of doors: Single, tall doors made of non-panelled wood or glass

Why Replace Your Windows and Doors?

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