Safety Above All! – Our Response To The Coronavirus

We are fully committed to protecting the health and safety of our clients, their families and our staff. We are making every effort to ensure best practices by following the CDC and WHO guidelines regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. We have implemented the following procedures to our daily routine:

  • All employees are scanned by a supervisor with a touchless digital thermometer every morning as they arrive to work. Any employee that exhibits a fever, is not feeling well, or has symptoms of infection will be sent home with pay. We want to ensure that our staff can openly discuss their current health without concern about losing their income if they need to stay home from work.
  • -We make it a practice of not shaking hands with each other or our clients. Since physical contact is one of the major forms of transmission of infection, we do our best to avoid making contact with other people, surfaces and our faces.
  • We have equipped our installation crews with additional measures for frequent handwashing, gloves and protective gear to keep them and our clients as safe as possible from infection. We have asked our crews to avoid making contact with any surfaces in our client’s homes that are not essential to completing their tasks. 
  • Our crews do not use our client’s restrooms. We take frequent breaks to go to the nearest, clean, public restrooms instead. We thoroughly wash our hands with soap and warm water often.
  • In our showroom, we sanitize all of our contacted surfaces and samples several times daily to help prevent the transfer of infection. All employees practice social distancing and proper handwashing throughout the day. Where possible, some employees work from home to lessen the number of people at any given time in our offices.

We believe that working together with our clients, vendors, and staff, we can effectively continue to conduct business and prevent the spread of infection in our community. The health of our clients, their families, and our staff is paramount. Should you or anyone in your household be experiencing a fever or symptoms of infection, please advise us so we may reschedule our visit to your home. Your help and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Should you have any concerns or questions you may reach me directly at 832-900-7024.

From our family to yours, thank you for your continued trust and business!

Jeff and Sandra Ludy

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