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Are you looking to create the most beautiful and expansive view for your home? Fleetwood windows and doors offer the largest and best-built windows and doors in the United States. Multi-million dollar homes from Hollywood to Washington DC are all host to Fleetwood products because of their simplicity, beauty, quality, and size. We host Houston’s only Fleetwood Window and Door Showroom.

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Since its inception in 1961, the focus of Fleetwood Windows & Doors has always been to manufacture modern style doors and windows for elite luxury homes. Through forging an allegiance to architectural integrity, a deliberate, passionate, and meticulous refinement of “the little things,” Fleetwood has elevated themselves as the specialist in this niche market.

Through a philosophy of excellence in design and manufacturing, good is not good enough. Fleetwood’s attention to detail, design, and quality is akin to what is found in fine furniture. Be it a window wall, an accordion folding window, or an aluminum sliding door; Fleetwood doors has the product for your project.

Driven by quality rather than profits is a value that can be seen, felt and lived when you encounter a Fleetwood window or glass door. They proudly build the American dream of success with gratitude to God, a culture of honest hard work and the relentless pursuit to build it better rather than faster.

At Houston Window Experts, we could not agree more, being the best is not an aspiration, it is our minimum standard and we appreciate the fact that Fleetwood Windows and Doors are an asset in keeping that standard.

Why Choose Fleetwood Windows & Doors?

Here are a few ways that Fleetwood Windows and Doors not only achieve but maintain excellence.

  • The company’s profits are a natural result of building a better product.
  • Like Houston Window Experts, Fleetwood Windows & Doors is family owned and operated.
  • Daily decisions are informed by a desire to build a better brand on a product that will last many decades.
  • They manufacture their own hardware. Fleetwood is committed to having the best hardware that will complement their designs.
  • Exceptional Extruding & Finishing
    • Each extrusion is treated with a proprietary process that reduces cooling lines (most visible in clear anodizing).
    • Standard anodize is Class I compared to the half thick Class II.
    • Standard paint is Kynar 70% compared to 50% content or polyester and/or acrylic bases.
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What Makes Fleetwood The Best?

Largest Glass Openings

  • Casements 7′ tall.
  • Sliding door panels up to 12′ wide by 18′ tall.
  • Hinged door panels 15′ tall.
  • Pivot doors 12′ wide.
  • Folding doors 10′ tall.

A Superb Rolling System

Fleetwood "Mammoth" rollers
  • “Archetype Mammoth” stainless rollers come with authentic Swiss bearings, assembled in our California factory.
  • Stainless track insert (not a cap) creates an ideal concave/convex relationship.
  • Stainless insert becomes stronger as weight bears down whereas capped aluminum weakens.
  • Insert creates a separation of roller edges from aluminum.

Exclusive Locking Hardware

Custom made stainless steel hardware
  • Patented “Archetype” locking hardware, designed and manufactured by Fleetwood.
  • Exposed hardware is electro polished #316 stainless.

Thermal Energy “Struts”

Thermally broken Fleetwood aluminum
  • New designs and re-designs incorporate “strut” technology.
  • It creates more attractive and sleeker shapes than the typical method.
  • Struts all for stronger extrusions without compromising thin lines.

Wide Range of Offerings

  • Entry Doors
  • Pivot Doors
  • Sliding Door Sytems
  • Window Wall System
  • Accordion Window & Door Systems

Because good is not good enough, Fleetwood refuses to rest on its reputation. Whether it be on efficiency, design, function or just pushing the size boundaries, Fleetwood is always improving. Being the best is not a destination it is a lifelong journey that pushes Fleetwood to innovate and create products that look amazing and function like no other. Because of their commitment to excellence, Houston Window Experts is proud to be partnered with Fleetwood Windows and Doors, providing Houston with the best products coupled by the industry leader in installation.

Fleetwood window and door luxury

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