Hottest Window And Door Trends For 2019

Hottest WindowAnd Door Trends 2019!

Houston’s Hottest Window And Door Trends For 2019

It’s finally official, Houston has now been recognized as the third largest city in the United States of America. For Bayou City residents that comes as no huge surprise. With burgeoning arts, cultural and design scenes Houston residents have more opportunity than ever to live out loud and let their individualism reign supreme. We are not just talking about on the social scene! Drive through Houston neighborhoods like The Heights, West University Place and Bellaire and see how architecture and home design have evolved over the years. No more cookie-cutter homes for this great city! One of the most surprising and simplest ways to rehab your home to show off your individual style and creativity is by replacing your windows and doors. It may sound like a daunting undertaking but you’d be surprised to discover the many, many options now available in windows and doors, and with the right help, you’ll find that you’ll actually enjoy the process too! Let’s take a look at some of 2019’s hottest trends.

Modern Fixed Picture Windows

Houston is home to some of the countries most picture perfect views. From our world famous skyline to nationally recognized picturesque communities like West University Place with it’s abundance of streets lined beautifully with trees. There is a lot to take in and large, expansive windows with even bigger views are attractive to Houston homeowners. This year expect to see more homes designed or remodeled with  floor to ceiling windows that have  minimal frames. Inoperable fixed picture windows give homeowners, designers, builders and architects uninterrupted views and more space to work with. By avoiding patterns and grids on the window glass the design possibilities are endless. Simple, stylish and chic, these unobstructed windows speak entirely for themselves and add tremendous value to a home’s decor in a way that can never truly go out of style. You’ll get more glass and won’t have a need for a screen.  This style of windows works best in common living spaces where there is no real need to open the windows.

Black Framed Window

Although timeless and respectable, white framed windows have begun to decline in popularity since manufacturers have added more options to their window portfolios. We offer replacement windows from 20 industry leading manufacturers and each have added more versatile products that truly speak to our customers individualism and style. Nothing seems to be speaking as loudly in 2019 as black framed windows.  2019 has been a huge year for black framed windows that act as a statement piece and focal point for your home. They are extremely diverse and work well with both traditional and modern architecture. Don’t get us wrong, white framed windows will always be a stylish and timeless option for your home, but for a more updated and modern design, black windows are truly the way to go.

Blue Entry Door

It’s more than a door, it’s a first impression and a source of protection for your home and family. Replacing your homes entry door is probably one of the quickest ways to give your home a face lift. If you want to use your entry door to make a statement, do it with bold new colors. In previous years red reigned supreme as the go-to color choice for homeowners wishing to up their style ante with their front doors. As 2019 progresses we are seeing more and more homeowners choosing blue or shades of blue to make their design statement. From pastels to a more edgy midnight blue we are seeing a little bit of it all. While slapping a fresh coat of paint onto your existing door will get the job done our Product Specialists can point you in the direction of a custom made, innovative, energy efficient door system that not only gives your home that Cinderella effect everyone is after these days, but also beefs up security with multipoint locking systems and specialized materials.

Eco-Friendly Design

Across the globe more and more, we are seeing people take a true interest in the environment and in their own carbon foot-print. It’s almost impossible to leave the house or turn on the news without hearing about global warming or the green house effect. If you are like us then you want to do everything in your power to stay energy aware and environmentally friendly. 2019 has been a huge year for homeowners choosing replacement windows & doors that look great while promoting a green approach. Our energy efficient replacement products provide insulation, durability and enhanced thermal properties that not only save money but also protects the environment.

Bringing The Outside In

Removing boundaries between the outside and inside with window walls, bi-fold and sliding doors seamlessly transforms your living space and frames your view. Manufacturers have taken the industry by storm creating products that fill a room with natural light making your space feel larger and connecting you to the outside world like never before. Window Walls are totally customizable and uniquely designed to your specifications. The thought of transforming a wall or existing windows into one large expanse of glass may seem like a huge undertaking, but with a professional’s help and a specially trained installation team your project can be executed without a hitch. 

Hottest Window and Door Trends for 2019

Whatever your preference, The Houston Window Experts team of Product Specialist have an option for you. With products from over 20 industry leading manufacturers our team will come out to meet with you for a free in-home consultation, evaluate your space and provide you with a same day estimate. Our AAMA certified Master Installers will execute your design flawlessly using the most up-to-date and innovative techniques backed by our 100% commitment to customer satisfaction and service. Give us a call today, it pays to talk to an expert or click here to get in contact with an expert!

Hottest Window And Door Trends For 2019

Hottest Window And Door Trends For 2019

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