I Can’t Afford These Windows, Can I?

stylish replacement windows

We don’t have salespeople here at Houston Window Experts; we have product specialists. Educating you about windows is our most important job to ensure you know everything you need to know during your window upgrade project. We will treat you respectfully and honestly because that is how we want to be treated. Even if Houston Window Experts isn’t the perfect fit for your project, we’ll help get you pointed in the right direction.

Reconsider Window Prices

One of the most common objections to windows is the price. Before you completely say “no” to paying a little more for windows, there are a few things to consider.

Do you really want the cheapest windows?

  1. We know windows are nothing like brain surgery, but how you shop for them could be. When faced with surgery, you aren’t necessarily looking for the best price. You consider a doctor with the best success rate and the most experience. The same applies when you are shopping for windows. 

There is quality you can see, and there is quality you can’t see. The quality you see is in the window itself, but what you don’t see is the quality of the material used to install your window, like the caulking, foam, screws, etc. At Houston Window Experts, we want you to have a delightful experience with your window installation. That is why we remove your blinds and drapery, move and protect your furniture, and put it all back after the project is complete to your satisfaction. You might pay a similar amount to another quote, but what are you truly getting in your installation project?

Quality windows installation matters.

  1. There is a quote we like here, “Skilled labor isn’t cheap, and cheap labor isn’t necessarily skilled.” Once the window gets to your home, the window manufacturer is out of the picture. It is now all about who you’ve hired to install the windows. You need a good quality window and a great installer to make a fabulous project.

It is expensive to install new windows, but if you’ve chosen quality windows and a quality installer, your windows can work for you by lowering your electric bill and adding life to your air conditioner. You deserve lovely new windows. You want to enjoy them for the life of your home, not just when you are selling your home. So take time to celebrate the fruits of your labor and upgrade your home.

stylish replacement windows

If we can’t get your business, we’ll at least answer your questions and help you along your window shopping journey. At Houston Window Experts, we strive to treat you the way we want to be treated. If we aren’t a perfect fit for your project, we’ll point you in the right direction because we want to help.

If you’re in the Houston area, we’d love the chance to make your window installation dreams a reality. If you live elsewhere in the country, check out for a great window company near you.

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