What are Window Inserts and Do You Need Them for Your Home?

Window inserts are a new product that is quickly gaining popularity. They save homeowners money, reduce outside noise, and look great.

Window insertsAfter just a few years on the market, a new product is quickly changing the window replacement industry. Window inserts, also known as interior storm windows, are a quick and affordable way to improve energy efficiency and save homeowners money. Every order is custom-made, meaning it is guaranteed to fit every window in your house; even those that are made in an odd shape or not leveled.

These inserts are made of a lightweight, yet incredibly strong, acrylic glazing. That panel is framed by compression tubing, which ensures a snug fit. The inserts are simply pressed into place within the window frame. No nails, screws, or adhesives are needed, meaning there will be no damage to the frame and no use of environmentally damaging products.

The new pane is virtually undetectable and doesn’t affect the look of the existing window. This is a fantastic advantage for homes that have custom-built windows that act as a visual highlight on the property. It’s a great solution for older homes that gain a lot of charm but has poor energy efficiency.

Energy conservation increases to a level comparable to double- or triple-pane windows, upon installation of the inserts. It may be half or even a quarter of the cost of a replacement window, making it an effective money-saving solution all around. They also reduce exterior noise by as much as 50%, much to the delight of homeowners. Though new on the market, they certainly have the potential to provide the solution many homeowners need.

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