With burglaries happening at a rate of one every 15 seconds in the United States, it is no wonder that homeowners in Houston and around the country are looking for ways to enhance their entry door security and harden their vulnerable windows and doors.

Having sold and installed over 50,000 windows and doors in Houston, we know first-hand just how many people have been victims of theft, home invasions, and property loss due to weak entry doors.

Kick-Proof Your Door

Our door jamb reinforcement kit, Fort Loxx, will help make it nearly impossible for anyone to kick-in your door. With multiple anchoring positions, our door security kit, when installed properly, will give your door unmatched strength and security. Say goodbye to weak doors that do nearly nothing to prevent home invasions. We offer our Fort Loxx door system as a turn-key, fully installed system. We will come to your home and have one of our trained experts install this system and test it for proper fit and function.

Window And Door Glass Security

What good is a burglar proof door if all they have to do is break the glass from your door or windows and step right in? We have a solution for that too. We offer glass security film that can keep a would-be burglar from easily breaking your windows or the glass in your door. We also have the option to swap the glass in your windows to specialized form of glass that can stop nearly anything/anyone from breaking the glass on your home. This type of glass is used in hurricane prone areas and in schools and high-security environments where security and safety are a must. We can offer you a turn-key solution to help bring you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Feel Safe Again

If you have ever had your home broken into or had anything stolen from you, you know just how much it can cause a sense of fear and worry. With our home hardening systems you can finally feel safe in your home again. When you combine our Fort Loxx door kit along with our window protection systems, you will rest knowing that you are much safer than you have ever been. With our systems, we can prevent most invasions by making door and window entry so difficult that would-be burglars decide to move on to another victim. Even if they could penetrate your home, at least these kits would afford you time to call 911, get your gun or go hide. This could literally be a life-saving product.

Entry Door Security Reinforcement Cost

What does it cost to install one of our Fort Loxx entry door security kits? It can vary based on the type of door you have and the size. A typical door hardening project would cost between $595-$795 installed. (Glass protection would be an additional cost). We are so confident in our system that we will pay you $500 if our systems fail to prevent a home invasion. While no one can guarantee your complete safety at all times, we know that having our entry door protection systems will serve to help protect you, your family and your valuables much better than doing nothing at all.what you have today.

Free In-Home Security Evaluation.

Would you like for us to evaluate your windows and doors to determine what might be done to strengthen your entry points? We offer a free, no pressure, in-home evaluation to show you what we offer and how we can serve you in protecting your home. This visit typically take about 45 minutes and can be very informative. We have a 5-Star reputation for taking great care of our clients and running our business with integrity. We would love to show you what we are doing in Houston to help homeowners create a safer place to live.

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