Take Advantage Of Our Best Prices

Covid-19 has affected the way we live and work, but it won’t last forever. Before long, these events will all be a memory, a matter of history. As a nation, we’ve been through worse; and each and every time we’ve bounced back better and stronger than we were before. This time is no different.

In every circumstance, there is an opportunity to seize upon; and this is your opportunity to take advantage of reduced pricing due to the unprecedented economic impact Covid-19 is having on window and door prices.

Our suppliers are offering the best pricing we have seen in years. Now is the time to get new windows and doors for your home and save big! Get your Pre-Approval here.

Why Choose Houston Window Experts?

Houston Window Experts is a local, family-owned, company that has spent years serving the window and door needs of Houston area families. We believe that if you treat people with dignity and respect, and keep your word, then profits will follow.

Product Specialist To Help You Choose

We don’t have pushy salespeople who try to pressure you into doing something that you don’t really want to do. We have Product Specialists, who will listen to your needs and provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. Our Experts specialize in finding a solution for your project within your budget.

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

Most other window and door companies carry a handful (and sometimes just one!) brand. At Houston Window Experts we represent 20 brands, each with multiple product lines and options, ensuring that you have a real choice when it comes to your project.

Expert Installation By Our Own Crews

I’ll let you in on a little secret, most window and door installers (big box stores included) use subcontractors for their installations. Subs that get paid by the job, so it’s in their best interests to cut-corners and blow through the installation. It’s not uncommon for them to just bust the old windows out with a hammer instead of taking the time and care to remove the old panes in one piece.

Of course, not all subcontractors are like this; but we’ve taken the time to find the best people. Our crews are employees of Houston Window Experts, AAMA Certified professionals, who are incentivized to complete your job with excellence and care. We strive to make our customers happy. Sure we make mistakes, but we own our mistakes and do what it takes to make things right and our customers happy.

We are the Houston Window Experts! Contact us today for a Free Consultation on how we can help with your window needs. You may also call us directly by dialing 832-900-7024.

Our Services include: Replacement Windows Houston, TX metro area. Houston Window Experts is a privately owned and operated company in Houston TX. For more information about us, please write to info [at] HoustonWindowExperts.com or call our Houston office at (832)900-7024. All material is copyright of Houston Window Experts. Houston, TX.