Spend More To Get Less. Seriously?

We know, it sounds bizarre! Why would anyone want to spend more of their hard earned money to get less of anything? Watch as Jeff Ludy, owner of Houston Window Experts demonstrates how spending a little more on your Houston window replacement project is EXACTLY what you want to do. 

Narrow Frame VS Standard Frame Windows

While vinyl windows may be the best bang for the buck when it comes to replacing your windows, the negatives about vinyl can be that since it is such a soft material, you need a lot more of it in order to get the strength required to build a window. 

You have to remember that when you replace your windows, you are likely upgrading from single pane windows to new double pane windows. A new double pane window will have twice as much glass and if it’s a premium quality window that glass will probably be twice as thick as the glass you are replacing.

Since the new vinyl windows you are using have to accomodate a lot more weight, and since vinyl is a softer material than aluminum or wood, there is going to be a problem with that window down the road if the frame is not strong enough to support the new, heavy glass.

This has created a real challenge for the vinyl window makers because in order to meet the strength requirements needed, they have created really chunky window frames that tend to stand out like a sore thumb.

Typical chunky vinyl frame windows reduce the glass space and hurt your curb appeal.

Oftentimes, we hear Houston homeowners tell us that they did not realize how ugly their windows were going to be or they never would have replaced them. (Not our clients, of course)

When a window company’s salesperson shows you a sample window he will focus most of his time on how wonderful the glass is and neglect to address the chunkiness of the window frame. If they do get asked about the frame size, they typically blame it on the small size of the sample. They promise that once your windows arrive they will not look so chunky because of the size of the opening. While that is partially true, you have to remember that most every home has large and small windows. It is important to ask about the glass space on the smallest of windows and make sure you are happy about the outcome before you spend your hard earned money.

Don’t forget that almost every home in Houston has that one little skinny window near the front door. That window is usually about 11.5″ wide. If your window frame is 3″ wide then you end up with 6″ of frame and a mere 5.5″ of glass. (It looks like a federal prison window).

Is A Narrow Frame Window As Good?

So, how does a narrow window compare to a standard window? Many manufacturers do not make a narrow frame window because they do not have the quality of vinyl ingredients necessary to make on. You see, in order for a narrow framed vinyl window to be as strong as a traditional window, it will need to have thicker gauge vinyl and it will need to be made from stronger materials in order to satisfy the requirements for safety, durability and performance.

Narrow Frame windows offer less frame, more glass, more light and a better curb appeal.

Windows that are sold in the United States must be subjected to third-party testing in order to make certain performance and structural claims. In the window industry, windows are tested by AAMA for strength and by NFRC for efficiency.

In order for a narrow frame window to pass the testing, it has to be made from a better grade of vinyl and from a thicker wall gauge to pass. That is why you only find that premium window manufacturers offer a narrow frame window.

They cost more to make, they are made from better materials and they use better ingredients. That is why a narrow frame window will cost more than a standard window frame.

That is why we say that you should pay more and get less!

How Much More Does A Narrow Frame Window Cost?

First we must address the cost for vinyl windows in general. Even within the standard chunky frame windows there are a lot of variables. Just because a window looks like another window does not mean that it will be the same price.

I like to use the example of buying a TV at Best Buy. When you walk back to the TV department they will have dozens of TVs on the wall. If you decide that a 50″ Tv is the size you need, you will soon realize that there are 50″ TVs ranging from $199 up to $3000 or more! How can that be? Aren’t they all 50″ TVs? They all claim to be HDTVs and they all have about the same warranty.

The difference is usually very obvious when you see a $199 TV right next to a $3000 TV. But the difference is not so obvious if you looked at one tonight and then looked at the other one next week. You would have forgotten just how much better the color and performance of the $3000 TV compared to the $199 TV and may not be able to appreciate the benefits in spending more money.

The same is true for a 50″ window. If you see one today and another one next week, you may not be able to adequately appreciate the differences and the benefits to one product over another. If you take the most common size window in Houston it would be 36″ x 60″. You will find that junk windows, the kind you would use in a rental or flip house, would cost about $400 each plus labor. However, if you get a premium window that is made in custom sizes for your specific project, they can cost closer to about $600. If that same window offers accidental glass breakage replacement coverage, a transferable lifetime warranty that includes labor costs, and is made from premium vinyl from a reputable manufacturer, it will be closer to $700.

A narrow frame vinyl window with all the same benefits as the one mentioned above at $700 would only cost about 5% more. In other words, if you are going to spend $700 for a window, why not spend $30-$40 more to get a beautiful, narrow frame. That way you get less plastic and more glass. More glass means a better view and a much more attractive home. I think it is worth the extra 5%!

So, Why Pay More To Get Less?

The bottom line is that for just 5% more you can get about 50% less plastic and a lot more glass and a beautiful home. This is a no-brainer for any homeowner trying to decide on which window to buy.

The narrow frame vinyl windows we sell come in several colors to choose from. They also come in just about any size for any home or project. We invite you to visit our beautiful showroom or invite us out to your home so we can show you the difference between a good window and a great window.

When we say you will get less, we ONLY mean less frame. Trust us, everything else you get from us will be far more than what you expected. With over 50,000 window installed in Houston, we are Houston’s most trusted and best reviewed window and door installation company. We offer free, in home estimates with one of Product Specialist. Call or complete the form today so we can discuss the specifics of your project. No pressure, no hassles and a whole lot of integrity is what you will find at Houston Window Experts.

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