We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

I am a military brat, so we moved around a bit. I was born in Kansas and spent the longest stretch of growing up in Indiana. I’ve lived in the Houston area for 19 years. My husband Gary and I live in Tomball. 

Family by the Numbers

24 years: married to husband Gary

18 years: youngest son’s age

21 years: oldest son’s age

23 grandchildren: I am one of the 23, I don’t have 23!

Highlight of Last Week

We moved into a new office and soon-to-be window showroom. Now all of the office people, sales teams and the install crews are together in one home base. There is even more of a team atmosphere as it’s easier for everyone to meet up and talk face to face now. This has been huge in my growth in understanding how to make each quote even better. I love doing estimating work. I’m learning more and being even more a part of the whole team.

Move it!

Now that the boys and their friends are out of the house, I am focusing on working out again. Anything that gets my heart pumping and my blood flowing is what I’m after.


In my down time, reading is what I love to do! Favorite authors include: Anne Rice, Stephen King and Laurel J. Hamilton. So yes, I like horror and vampire novels. 

There is an app called INKITT that has self-published stories and novels. So now, a lot of the time I read for free. A lot of the novels are uploaded as they are written, and there is a space for reader feedback. So it’s funny, we will be left with a cliffhanger sometimes, and commenting, come on, next chapter please!

Long Walks on the Beach

I also love driving down to the coast, walking along the beach and collecting shells and driftwood pieces. 

On My Desk 

A small South American mask carved out of lava stone that my husband brought back for me from one of his work travels. It is so smooth and reminds me of a theatre mask. I look at it every day I’m at my desk.

Allergic to

Chocolate. Every once in awhile I try it again, and every time I am still allergic to it.

Jeep Life

I have an 18 year old silver gray Jeep with 237,000 miles on it. It is definitely a work in progress and needs some more love before taking it offroad. The back window is always out and the fun is in when I’m driving it.