This Land Was Made for You and Me

A native Houstonian, I bought 5 acres of land in Dayton, TX in my 20s, and live there today with my wife, Jamie, our two daughters, Annalise and Audrey, and cat Muffy. Dad lives next door, and my little brother Matt lives in the house across the street. The best part about living so close together is that the cousins can play together, all the time. We dug a pond in the middle of the land that we can fish in, and all the grandbabies love it. I have two more siblings, older brother Shane, and my sister Natalie, who is the youngest.

Gone Fishin’

I like outdoorsy stuff like canoeing and fishing. I do most of my bass fishing in small ponds, mostly with my dad, sometimes with my family. Someday I’d like to catch a double-digit bass, but I may have to get to a bigger body of water than a pond to do it.

Church Leader and Scout’s Honor

A couple of things you may not know about me: I am an Eagle Scout (my favorite Merit Badge earned was the one for fishing, of course), and I am a Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

“Decisions Determine Destinies”

This quote from a leader at my church is a favorite of mine. Thinking about this helps me focus to make the right decisions every day.

Helping People

This is the main thing I do at work every day that never gets old. The best part of working for Houston Window Experts is that I never have to lower my standard of integrity. If you are honest all the time, you never have to make a decision whether or not to lie. Then it’s easy. Jeff allows me to be honest all the time.

Another Piece of the Pie

I’m a dessert guy, and I’m not picky about which kind. I love all the desserts. I’ll go easy on the meal just to have more dessert. Vegetables… I’m not big on them.

Flight Path

One of the coolest jobs I’ve ever done was to soundproof over 200 homes near the airport out by Baton Rouge. That was 200 homes, not just 200 windows. The job took about two years to complete! I was there for about 6 months, got married, then Jaime and I were there for another year and a half.