A native Houstonian, I live in nearby Montgomery, TX. Montgomery’s claim to fame is that it is the “Birthplace of the Texas Flag”.

Great Loves

Chocolate. Also Tommy, husband of 26 years, and children Tia and Casey. See “Fan Club” below…

Fan Club

My superpower is nursing adopted dogs back to health- from our French Bulldog to our German Shepard. George, Gauge, Missy and Shady are our dogs. They constantly follow me around at home. Shady is the smallest one with the biggest personality. He is a little white puffball and is my favorite (don’t tell the others). Some people have a dog pack- I have a fan club.

Why I Drive 1 ½ Hours to Work Each Day…

We have such a great team! Jeff is a good leader and coach. There is no weak link, everyone stays in their lane, gets the work done, and gets along. It’s so nice to go to a place where you can get to know each other and there is no drama.

Avoid at All Costs

Paper shredders. Paper shredder phobia: it exists. Save the documents! Save them all. You may need them one day.

Desk Mascot

A little clay turtle my daughter made in the 6th grade. Like the turtle, if I want something, I go for it. I may be a little slow to get there, but I persevere and I will get there eventually.

I Could Do This Every Day

I get bored easily, and the thing that always mixes it up and keeps me happy at my desk is customer interaction. I really enjoy communicating with people, even if it’s something as simple as scheduling an appointment.

Snail Mail is Alive and Well

Postcrossing is an online project and web app that connects you with people in other countries all over the world. I’ve written 581 postcards to people in Poland, Holland, Germany, Russia, and many other nations. I’ve received 580 postcards from such far-flung places as Taiwan, Andorra, and Estonia. Getting a postcard with a picture of a dog on the front never fails to make me smile. I’m always on the hunt for unique postcards for my next send out.

Out and About

Bingo at the Lion’s Club. I was in a three-way Bingo tie breaker in a game of Purse Bingo and lost the purse. Oh well.

Off road 4-Wheeling out at General Sam. Tommy and I take turns in the driver’s seat, and it has been too long since we have been out there!