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Excellent4.9 Based on 156 reviews from review us onJames OevermannJames Oevermann ★★★★☆ Response from the ownerThanks for your review. If there's anything I can do to convert you to a five-star review, please let me know!Jeff Ludy BBBBBB ★★★★★ We had vistamark windows installed for our Galveston county home a few months ago. I’m so happy I researched after getting quotes from Home Depot and Lowe’s. I came across their YouTube videos and was impressed with the information especially how they remove and install the windows. Brandon came out and did a wonderful job in his presentation. On the day of installation it was a large crew and they were able to complete the job in half a day. Everyone was very nice and worked very well together. Getting new windows turned out to be a great experience! We really enjoyed meeting all the crew and Jeremy the manager on site was very kind in his offer if we needed to leave for a while. We our enjoying our new windows and highly recommended Houston Expert Windows!Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to write this review. We're very grateful to work with you on this project. Please let me know if we can do anything else for you in the future!Jeff Cindy TarverCindy Tarver ★★★★★ We visited their showroom to learn more about windows. Even though we told them we are building out of this area, Dan (the very knownledgable sales person) went out of his way to answer all our questions. His advice helped us pick out a brand that we are very pleased to have found. I have called a couple times since with more questions; everyone there has been very kind and helpful, even though they knew I would not be placing an order with them. The you tubes videos are also informative.Response from the ownerCindy,Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Jerry McNeillJerry McNeill ★★★★★ From the initial contact and sales to the final installation I have never worked with a more professional group. The windows chosen were perfect and the installation was so smooth. I definitely recommend Houston Window Experts!Response from the ownerJerry,Thanks for taking the time to write this review. We sincerely appreciate your business!Jeff Vikram BhosaleVikram Bhosale ★★★★★ Saw there YouTube videos. Got a quote and signed it. They seemed good, made me comfortable and explained their products and service. Will update when I get them installed.Update windows installed, they look great.Installation crew was amazing, did a great job. Everything they promised a little extra repair to help it look clean because my dog chewed of a window sill.Amazing experience end to end, front to back.It was great doing business with this company will absolutely recommend them.Response from the ownerThank you for placing your trust in our company. We look forward to serving you! lionel bernardlionel bernard ★★★★★ Houston Window Experts is the best window company in southeast Texas area bar none. Jeff Ludy and his staff are true professionals. We are really impressed and satisfied with our purchase and thank you to Nate and the crew.Response from the ownerLionel, thanks for placing your trust in our company. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you!Jeff Ludy Skyler BrownSkyler Brown ★★★★★ I recently had about 20 windows replaced in my 1983 home.I had a few other companies come out during my initial steps, and was left most impressed with Houston windows experts. Bradley took his time in explaining the windows and the process to me. They also carry multiple brands and you can compare them directly.Other window companies that came out often only sold one brand.Additionally, the price was fair and upfront. I was quoted $60k from one company with a warranty of only 20 years (my project was below half of that price). On the lowest end of quotes, there were gaps in the warranty, a poor sales process, and I just didn’t trust that the windows would last more than a couple years and or would be installed properly. The windows from that company appeared very dark as well.The day of install, It felt like the army was showing up. Tons of employees immediately got to work and had all aluminum windows replaced by the afternoon. They cleaned up after themselves, the caulking was clean, and addressed any issues up front.Two issues occurred:1. My bathroom glass wasn’t privacy glass, however new glass was ordered and was just replaced today.2. One of the windows had an issue, likely from the manufacturer or during transport that caused it not to stay open properly.HWE took care of these issues no questions asked. The job was just completed and was done well!Additionally, I am very satisfied with my Anlin windows. One concern I had was that original single pane windows let in a lot of light, and we always got compliments on how well lit the home was. I feared the coating and double pane windows would darken the house, especially after seeing some of the other window installers windows. But not these ones! It’s as bright if not brighter!The screens are very nice; almost not noticeable. The sound improvements are amazing, I used to be able to hear a conversation being held in the street or front yard; not anymore. The energy improvements are amazing. A/C runs hours less a day. The windows are crystal clear, so clear that we’ve had birds try to fly into the house only to get injured unfortunately. Or dogs/children trying to go through them ahah.Additionally, my attic window was blacked out from the manufacturer, which is nice as I don’t have any peeling issues or weird splotchy patterns of light coming through.The only issue now is my dog can’t sunbathe in the super hot heat that would come through the single pane original windows.Lastly I feel confident the install was done correctly and should any issues arise, the company will be ready to support/fix any problems.This was one of the largest and most anxiety-inducing investments I’ve ever made, but HWE knocked it out of the park, and I am more than satisfied!Response from the ownerSkyler, I am so grateful that you took the time to share your feedback of your experience with our team!I'm also grateful for you placing your trust in our process. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new windows and I know you'll see the benefits for years to come. If you ever need anything else, please let me know!Jeff Ludy Bill WhiteBill White ★★★★★ I am a window and door dealer . Jim is on pointResponse from the ownerThanks CALVINCALVIN ★★★★★ The windows were schedule to be installed in two day but due to weather they sent a big crew and installed in just one. We have had windows installed in two other houses and by far these guys are the best. They took care of all the window treatments and clean up was great. The house was cleaner after they left.Response from the ownerCalvin, thank you so much for placing your trust in our company.Thanks for your review! milton herreramilton herrera ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks! Kelcy BeetsKelcy Beets ★★★★★ Had every window in my home replaced in Dec. 2022 and couldn't be happier! The sales team was very knowledgeable and there was absolutely no pressure to buy. Very informative! I knew the moment I found a window company that publishes videos on what to avoid when buying new windows that I had found a company committed to their customers! The installation process went very smoothly and they were very up front about the lead time and even checked in with me periodically to let me know where we were in the process. The installers found a minor manufacturer defect and informed me immediately and processed a replacement through warranty the same day. I probably wouldn't have even noticed the minor defect but their attention to detail was exceptional! This company is easy to contact and it is evident they stand behind their their products, but more importantly (to me) in the service that they provide. I've made a lot of home "investments" and (sadly) this is the first major project that I feel 100% certain that I wasn't taken advantage of and that I actually got what I paid for (and then some)! I know that if something needs to be replaced or repaired that they will take care of it quickly and that they will send someone with advanced knowledge and expertise to do it. I am thoroughly impressed with our new windows and believe that we truly hit the jackpot finding this company!Response from the ownerKelcy, thanks for your trust in our team and for taking the time to write this helpful review. I am very proud of our team and I'm glad to hear that you had a delightful experience.We are here should you ever need us.Jeff Ludy Mar iosMar ios ★★★★★ needed a quote and was surprised how expensive windows are. But they did not try me to sale Windows because they thought I may only need the sealing renewed. For that they referred me to another company. Thanks.Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to give us your feedback and write this review. We want to always be honest with our customers and never sell windows to someone who does not need them.If you ever need Windows, please give us a call. Brian SwinkBrian Swink ★★★★★ When I find a company in one of the trades who is honest and reputable, I hold on to their information indefinitely.We bought a 30 year old home and my wife wanted to reduce the infiltration of the Houston summer heat by replacing our windows. She called two companies for quotes. The first company quoted us $15K+. Patty came out from the second company, Houston Window Experts, to provide us with a second quote. Patty listened to our goals for replacing the windows and evaluated our existing windows. She then explained that the existing windows were solid. She explained her reasoning and said she could sell us better windows but we would not get much return on our investment. I will now rebuild and tint my windows at a fraction of the cost.Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to write this review about your experience with Patty.Our goal is to treat people with honesty, dignity, and respect.Should you ever need new windows, please let us know. We are here to help. Renea DavisRenea Davis ★★★★☆ Response from the ownerRenea, thanks for allowing Bradley to come out to your house and take a look at your project.If we have the opportunity to work together, I would like to know what we could do to raise this to a five-star review.Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.Jeff Ludy Robert KontorRobert Kontor ★★★★★ From start to finish the team at Houston Window Experts exceeded all expectations, which is something I rarely experience these days. Jeff and his entire group were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The install went off without a hitch and the guys did a great job. I'm totally pleased with the people, the process, and the product. I would recommend Houston Window Experts to anyone looking for windows. It's refreshing to know thatthere are still family ownedbusinesses out there thatoperate with pride and integrity.Bob KResponse from the ownerBob, I want to start by saying thank you for placing your trust in me and our team. I also want to say thank you for taking the time to write this review. I truly appreciate your business I look forward to serving you should you ever need us again in the future.If you are ever in the area, drop by the showroom and say hi.Jeff Ludy Brandy SwaggerBrandy Swagger ★★★★★ Great peopleResponse from the ownerThank you for writing this review! We appreciate your feedback. Let us know if we can serve you in the future.Jeff Ludy Erick WeedErick Weed ★★★★★ Had Anlin windows installed in our 32 year old home. Such an easy and pain-free process from start to finish and the windows look beautiful. The work crew was great, the communication from start to finish has been top notch. Can’t recommend more highly!Response from the ownerErick, thank you for your trust in our company and for sharing your experience.We are very grateful for your business and are here to serve you should you ever need us again.Thank you!Jeff Ludy Justin HolmesJustin Holmes ★★★★★ The crew did a fabulous job, and even caught a minor manufacturing defect in a few small windows and brought it to my attention immediately with a plan to resolve the issue.Their work quality, speed, professionalism, courtesy, thoroughness, and tidiness far exceeded my expectations. This was easily the most well-executed home improvement project I've ever seen.Response from the ownerJustin, I'm sorry about the minor issue with the window. I'm glad we caught it and are able to redeem that situation. Thank you for your kind review. We appreciate your business!Jeff Ludy şenol “Chanell” Cakirogluşenol “Chanell” Cakiroglu ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for your review! Isaac FiallosIsaac Fiallos ★★★★★ What a place!!! What a prices !!! And overall what a personal !!! Always have a shine smile and wonderful mood..Response from the ownerThank you! Todd LehnTodd Lehn ★★★★★ We've all heard (or lived through) the horrors of the "other" window places. Thankfully, with Houston Window Experts you won't have to suffer through those nightmares! Houston Window Experts is everything you WANT in a contractor; honest, responsive, timely, patient (not pushy), courteous, and their installation is truly top-notch. The on-site supervisor even noticed a small flaw in one of the windows (I never would've noticed it), and brought a replacement as soon as they got it from the manufacturer. Also, it's obvious the employees all love working for Mr. Ludy, which says a lot about the way he runs his business. I would give them 10 out of 10 stars if I could! You might find cheaper, but you won't find better.Response from the ownerTodd, thank you for placing your trust in me and our team. I also want to say thank you for taking the time to write this review.When I started this company my goal was to be the best window company in Houston. While we have made mistakes, I can say that our staff works very hard to fulfill that promise each and every day. I'm so glad that you had a great experience with us and I trust you enjoy your windows for many years to come.Jeff Ludy NAHID SHABNAM HAIMONTYNAHID SHABNAM HAIMONTY ★★★★★ Houston window experts are such a breeze to work with. We are highly impressed with their service and will refer them to all of my friends and family, and will keep them in mind for all of our future projects. It's funny how I came to know about the company; I accidentally stumbled upon one of Jeff's YouTube videos (they are extremely good btw), then researched them on google, and decided to give them a chance. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions we made regarding our house renovation.Response from the ownerThank you for your review. I sincerely appreciate you giving us the opportunity to serve you. Jeff Cindy CoteCindy Cote ★★★★★ Houston Window Experts sales and installation process is excellent. Everything they promised on the quality of their installers was delivered. Milton and his team were top-notch and left the house neat as a pin. No broken glass or mess that I’ve seen other companies leave on neighbors’ homes. We had a few problems with our window selection that were addressed immediately by the owner, Jeff Ludy. Jeff takes care of his customers, and that is a rare occurrence these days. I highly recommend this company.Response from the ownerCindy, I want to start by saying thank you for placing your trust in our company for your window project. I also want to thank you for taking the time to write this review so that others could learn more about our company.Yes, we did have a window issue, and I am glad that we were able to resolve it and make you happy. Should you ever need anything in the future do not hesitate to call me.Jeff Ross EdmondsonRoss Edmondson ★★★★★ The 4.9 star rating is well earned. We chose Houston Window Experts after meeting with several companies and talking with others who had used them.We had 21 windows replaced over two days. The crew were extremely professional and skilled, and left the house completely spotless. The quality of the work was top notch, and the windows look far better than those from other companies we talked to.We'd recommend them without hesitation.Response from the ownerRoss, I just want to tell you that I appreciate you taking the time to write this review and I also appreciate you putting your trust and faith in our company. I will be sure to share your feedback with our crew so they can know how much you and I both appreciate their hard work. If you ever need anything, please feel free to give me a call. Jeff Lee ChristianLee Christian ★★★★★ Houston Window Experts installed Amsco Restoration vinyl windows in our 23 year old house. We are so happy with the results! A crew of about 14 men showed up on time, covered all surfaces, moved furniture, and even made a plastic curtain in the garage to protect our classic cars! We were so impressed with the professionalism of the crew and their crew leaders. Communication was excellent! They worked in extreme heat, yet the quality of their work was never hindered by the elements. They finished all windows in one day! No trace was left. Everything was cleaned up when they were done. By the way, the windows are beautiful! We only wish that we had replaced our windows sooner! No more leaks around the windows!Response from the ownerLee, thank you for your trust in our company and for taking a moment to write this review. It always warms my heart to see the transformation happen and how our homeowners benefit from the work we do.I'm also very proud of our crews and their commitment to doing their job with excellence. Thank you for your observations and for being willing to share your experience with others.Should you ever need anything regarding your windows, please feel free to give us a call.Jeff Ludy js_loader

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Excellent5.0 Based on 44 reviews from review us onLaquinca B.Laquinca B. ★★★★★ This goes out to Nate and the crew at Houston Window Experts a hardy thank you for a job well done. all I can say is give those guys a raise these men are...Robert K.Robert K. ★★★★★ From start to finish the team at Houston Window Experts exceeded all expectations -- which is something I rarely experience. Jeff and his entire group were...New V.New V. ★★★★★ We have been in our house for almost a year and have been trying to replace our first round of windows since day one. Went through a big name company who...Lee C.Lee C. ★★★★★ Houston Window Experts installed Amsco Restoration vinyl replacement windows for our 23 year old house. We are so happy with the results! A crew of about...Rich K.Rich K. ★★★★★ We had our last 6 windows replaced. As usual the crew was exceptional. Great work and cleanup.Daniel C.Daniel C. ★★★★★ I needed new windows really badly. I liked the showroom at their place and how they talked about the different choices available for my situation. Made...Rich K.Rich K. ★★★★★ We recently had 18 new windows installed by Houston Window Experts.  From the sale to the install everything was handled professionally. We were alway kept...Umang P.Umang P. ★★★★★ We just completed the first phase of our remodel. As with any construction there are always unexpected challenges. What makes Houston Window Experts stand...Stacy D.Stacy D. ★★★★★ We live in one of the first homes ever built in April Sound. It still had it's original 1970s windows. We had to be very particular about which company we...AJ L.AJ L. ★★★★★ Needed some information, and Jeff was very responsive (on a Sunday). He gave me a couple of referrals to a couple other local businesses who might be able...Geoff R.Geoff R. ★★★★★ The most amazing thing happened today. A service company came out to give us a quote - Josh Ludy showed up on time, was very informed, professional, and...Michael M.Michael M. ★★★★★ Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and impressive job Houston Window Experts did on our home. From the initial quote from Patty, the...Debbie R.Debbie R. ★★★★★ My husband and I noticed a small leak in our bathroom window even after he had put some caulking on it a while back so we reached out to get a few estimates...Russ B.Russ B. ★★★★★ This was a great experience from start to finish!Two neighbors had used Houston Window Experts, and were quite satisfied. So, we went to their showroom to...Andrew W.Andrew W. ★★★★★ They helped me research exactly the best product for my home. They were kind and helpful during the process. They also have wonderful videos on YouTube to...L P.L P. ★★★★★ We desperately needed to replace our old windows and sliding glass door. When i say old, i mean old and also, one window was the old ice bricks things. Like...Kent F.Kent F. ★★★★★ Reached out to Jeff to get a window fixed and Jeff promptly responded with a alternate solution instead of replacing the entire window. Also provided...Cat A.Cat A. ★★★★★ I had a large project (87 windows to be replaced) and decided to solicit interest from two local replacement window companies. My wife called Houston Window...Kim J.Kim J. ★★★★★ The most AMAZING customer service! I called Houston Window Experts because of their great YouTube videos providing education on window differences as I try...Casey P.Casey P. ★★★★★ Houston Window Experts proved to exceed expectations all the way around. From the sales experience to the installation it was exceptional service. The...Valerie H.Valerie H. ★★★★★ We consulted with Jeff the owner for a potential new door. His patience and ability to answer all questions to make sure I had all the information even if...dave d.dave d. ★★★★★ I called Houston Window Experts with a non-typical window question. I called and explained I'm a public servant and rescuing the citizens when necessary is...Bree D.Bree D. ★★★★★ After Harvey, we unfortunately needed to replace windows on the first floor of our home - obviously due to extensive flood damage. After reaching out to...js_loader View More on Yelp.com

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I had four estimates done before I chose Houston Window Experts. Jeff was the most Knowledgeable and really spent the time with us to answer all of our questions and concerns.The windows turned out better that we had expected and the install crew was great also.
Larry K. / Richmond, TX
Houston Window Experts replaced 20 windows in our Woodlands home. Very professional installation. However, the reason I'm writing such positive review is how they handled the hick up. One of the windows was broken during installation. No excuses were given and the widow was fixed with in days. Good job guys. I highly recommend this company!
Phillip Smith / Houston, TX
Houston Windows Experts showed up on time, worked fast and efficiently, and the new windows look great. The installation team did an excellent job. I've worked with many contractors over the years, and i'd say HWE was one of the best experiences.
Angie's List
When it comes to windows for your home, you don't want to mess around. You want somebody that will take the time to do it right. Houston Window Experts will take the time to review with you multiple options when it comes to new or replacement windows. As an architect it is important to me that the windows function as they should. I have used HWE on multiple projects and all have turned out stunning. You will be pleased you hired Houston Window Experts to protect your investment.
studio H + H architects / Houzz
I couldn't be more pleased with the work quality, product and integrity of the company's employees.From the receptionist, to the laborers and sales, everything went smoothly from start to finish.Price was extremely competitive, so much so, that I had my sliding glass doors replaced with french doors at the same time! Would highly recommend.
Jennifer S. / Houston, TX
For the past several days we had Houston Window Experts install 27 new replacement windows on Robert graham Your review will be posted publicly on the web. Learn more our house. My wife and I want to share how very pleased we are. Each of the two crews were outstanding. Preparation included covering everything with plastic, drapes on all the exposed floor areas. Their cleanup was just as great, everything swept and vacuumed. Jeremy, Ben, and Raphael, the crew chiefs and ops manager, were outstanding, as they communicated every step of the way. One window, in excess of 250 pounds, was installed effortlessly. See pics.This local family owned company has our highest recommendation and were very competitive as well.
Robert Graham
Jeff from Houston Window Experts came out to my home and gave me an estimate on their Simonton windows and the Hardie siding. I could not have been more impressed. This company will do what they say and they don’t pressure you when giving their estimate.
Robert H
I had over 5 window companies give me bids on the windows for my home. I had prices ranging from $4500 to over $15,000! The young man from Houston Window Experts was the only person who was able to sort through it all, explain the differences in windows and why their prices varied so much. Then he helped me find the exact window I wanted at a very affordable price. The windows are absoultely awesome, they are exactly what I wanted and I have already noticed about a 40% reduction in my light bill over last year. The installation crew installed all my windows in one day, they were very clean and thorough and they left my home looking just like it was. I can strongly recommend Houston Window Experts for any homeowner is selective about who they do business with and who wants someone who is an expert in their field of work. I will certainly be calling on them again for various projects around my home in the future.
Roxy G
I had the people from Houston Window Experts come out and give me an estimate for new windows. The salesman was NOT PUSHY and he did not try to talk me into anything. (If he had I would have asked him to leave!) I compared them to 3 other Houston Window Companies and they offered me the best windows at the best price. Their price was so competitive that I was concerned about using them. I called 5 of their references and researched them on the internet. I decided to give them a shot at it. I could not have been more pleased. They sold me Simonton windows with a double-lifetime warranty and installed 10 windows in my home. The istallers were so thorough and clean and I was so pleased that I bought 7 more windows for the other side of my home. I will be calling them back when I am ready to complete the project. I can strongly reccomend them to anyone who is looking for superb quality, service and value. My hat’s off to you guys!
Rod G.
We were hot all summer and then cold all winter since we bought our home in 2006. As a gift to ourselves for Christmas, we decided to buy new windows for our home. We investigated several companies, their windows, their pricing and their reputation. The more we looked, the more we liked Houston Window Experts. They offered the same Simonton windows as the other companies but at about 20% less than our other quotes. They installed all 17 windows in two days and they cleaned up in each room as they worked. I am very pleased with the windows, their quality and the work done by saveonsiding. For the first time in my life I can walk around my home without having to wear a heavy jacket. My home is more comfortable and it is quieter too. Thank you Houston Window Experts for giving me the windows I’ve always wanted at a great price. I will certainly be calling you out when it’s time to replace my siding next year.
Lynn C.
The Houston Window Expert guys gave me a great looking home at a very affordable price. I had three or four others give me a quote and I found that the guys from Houston Window Experts had a very knowledgeable estimator, great prices and the experienced crews to do the work. I researched them online and found many websites touting the quality of the work and how well the company met their expectations. I assumed they would cost more than the other bidders because of their reputation and experience. They were higher than two of my bids and lower than the other two. I am so glad I chose them because they came to the job on time everyday, did great work, cleaned up every night and finished ahead of schedule. I will certainly be calling them for any future projects around my home.
Billy Y.