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Vinyl Replacement Windows Cross Section
Vinyl Replacement Windows Cross Section

The Science behind Heat Transfer

Let’s face it. Everybody experiences two primary factors of heat transfer everyday. Here’s one example: Your car is out in the sun and when you get into your car, it’s hot! So hot that you can’t hold onto the steering wheel or anything else in the car. That’s because the material that makes up your steering wheel has absorbed the heat from the sun. The steering wheel is hot and it is performing two additional phenomenon: Radiance and Transfer.

But, this article is not about cars. It’s about replacement windows. The same science applies and I’ll explain it here.

During the heat of the day, especially here in the hot, humid southern climate of Houston, the sun heats up your old single pane, aluminum framed windows. The outside of the window – Glass and Frame – gets HOT! This heat will transfer into the interior of your home in two ways.

Heat Transfer: How Vinyl Windows are Better

Since the old extruded aluminum frames were just solid one piece aluminum, the interior frame was just about as hot as the exterior side facing the sun. By conduction, the entire frame is piping hot and is so hot that you it’s difficult to unlock and open the window, similar to the hot steering wheel.

That hot window frame is now transferring heat into the room and other objects (like blinds and shutters) making your air conditioner work overtime.

Radiant Heat: Double Pane Windows with Vinyl Frames Solves It

The single pane glass in your old windows is completely ineffective at insulating your home from the heat. Stand in front of the window and you’ll know instantly that it’s just as hot there (if not hotter) than being outside. Single pane glass is allowing all the day’s heat to pass right through and heat up your home. It’s also transferring heat to and adding to the radiant heat coming off the frame. In addition, single pane glass allows the damaging rays of the sun, UV light, to enter the room.

When these window surfaces get hot, they continue to radiate heat even after the sun goes down or the cloud cover comes in. The entire process is called Solar Heat Gain.

Cut out Solar Heat Gain with Vinyl Replacement Windows
Cut out Solar Heat Gain with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows: Houston’s Solution to Better Windows

By now you’re probably wondering how you can cut down or even eliminate heat transfer and radiant heat entering from your windows. Well, the solution is vinyl replacement windows Houston, the best performing replacement window option available in our climate.

What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows Perform Better?

First off, vinyl is a superior insulator because heat does not transfer through vinyl efficiently. Think about a hot pan on the stove. Only the bottom of the pan is touching the stove but the heat is transferring up the metal into the handle. With a nice vinyl handle on the pan, you can pick up the pan by the handle or use the handle for stability while stirring your hot food. The same principle applies with Vinyl replacement window frames. The sun is heating up the exterior side of the frame but the interior side is staying cool. No heat transfer.

Second, the glass unit (formally called the IGU or insulated glass unit) is a separate unit of two panes of glass, separated by an insulating spacer. The exterior pane will get hot but because of the air gap between the panes and the vinyl or butyl rubber based spacer, the interior pane is insulated from the exterior pane. No heat transfer taking place.

Finally, another element of the IGU is the combination of coatings and gas. Ultra-Violet light is blocked from entering the room by the UV coating applied to the interior of the glass. This means that not only are your new vinyl replacement windows reflecting the heat back off the window window surface but, the carpet damaging and fabric fading UV light is not allowed to enter.

Now you can stand in front of your windows without sunglasses and enjoy the view without radiant heat and heat transfer making you hot. Your air conditioner is not always working to compensate for all that radiant heat.

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