How Cool is the Idea of a Moving Glass Wall?

Although Milgard left the Texas market, Houston Window Experts has comparable moving glass wall systems products available today. Ask one of our product specialists for more information.

Whether your home has a large patio where you do a fair amount of entertaining or you bought your home partly because of the view, imagine how a moving glass wall would improve the aesthetics, provide an unobstructed view, and blend the indoors with the outdoors.

Isn’t a sliding patio door the same thing?

Sliding patio doors and moving glass walls each have their place, but if you’ve got an expansive patio, a killer view, or want to let more light into your home, a moving glass wall is a sliding glass door alternative with much to offer. Moving Glass Wall Systems are high-quality, can be made to your custom size requirements, and come in several styles.

These glass panels offer a new way to experience and view indoor/outdoor living while adding a touch of sleek, modern luxury.

Aren’t moving glass walls just for new construction?

It’s pretty cut and dry if it’s drawn into the design of a home under construction, but we can custom-size your system for retrofit and replacement. Houston Window Experts can accurately measure and place the custom order with our suppliers and install it according to the manufacturer’s specifications and in support of their warranty.

What options are available?

Operating styles

  • Bi-fold
  • Pocket
  • Stacking


Aluminum-clad wood frame colors:

  • Interior: Clear vertical grain Douglas Fir and Dark Bronze
  • Exterior: Frost, Bark, Cinnamon, and Dark Bronze

Aluminum frame colors:

  • Interior/Exterior: White, Tan, Clear Anodized and Dark Bronze Anodized and many more


Available in the same finishes as your windows

That’s an awful lot of glass to be moving around.

It certainly is. That is why Moving Glass Wall systems use tandem stainless steel ball-bearing rollers proven strong enough to carry nearly double the size of panels.

Houston Window Experts can show you exactly how the different operating styles work, what makes them so easy to operate, and why a moving glass wall is a sliding glass door alternative that’s a step up.

Let Houston Window Experts introduce you to the beautiful world of moving glass walls.

We take great pride in being part of the Greater Houston community and put our reputation on the line with every client we serve. That’s why you can count on our best. Because of the professionalism of our sales team, the expertise of our installers, and the quality of all Milgard products, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a team that can’t be beaten.

We offer Moving Glass Walls from Western, Marvin, Andersen, Euro-Wall, Quaker and others.

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