How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows for Homes in Houston

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When looking for the best replacement windows for homes in Houston, Texas, there are several features to consider that cater to the local climate and your specific needs:

What are the Best Replacement Windows for Houston?

  1. Energy Efficiency: The best replacement windows for Houston will have at least an ENERGY STAR certification to ensure they meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. This can help save on energy bills, especially during Houston’s hot summers.
  2. Durability: Windows that can withstand the variable weather, including strong winds and heavy rain, are crucial. Frame materials like vinyl and fiberglass are popular for their resilience, insulating properties and zero to low maintenance.
  3. Heat Deflection: Given the high temperatures in Houston, windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings and a high SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) can help keep the heat out.
  4. Noise Suppression: If you live in a noisy area, consider windows with noise-reducing features such as triple-pane glass, laminated glass or tempered glass.
  5. UV Protection: To protect carpets and furniture against fading from the strong Texas sun, the best replacement windows for Houston will have great UV-blocking (Low-E low emissivity) coatings.
  6. Aesthetics: Choose windows that complement your home’s style. There are various design options available, from traditional to modern.
  7. Professional Installation Company: Ensure that the installation is done by factory trained and certified professionals to guarantee the best performance and longevity of your windows. The company and crew should protect you, the homeowner, by having General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation for all employees.
Houston window replacement

What are the Most Cost Effective Houston Window Replacements?

There are many contributing factors, that when combined, add up to the cost of replacement windows, and the return on investment:

  • Energy Savings: They will reduce energy bills by improving insulation and reducing solar heat gain (transfer of heat from the outside glass pane to the interior of the home) and keeping your thermostat from constantly triggering the A/C, which is especially beneficial given the Houston area hot summers.
  • Increased Home Value: New windows will enhance the curb appeal of your home and potentially increase your home’s resale value by standing out from the area’s comps.
  • Durability: High-quality materials used in replacement windows can withstand Houston’s weather conditions, leading to longer-lasting windows.
  • Maintenance: Modern windows, especially vinyl and fiberglass, require less maintenance than older wood framed windows. This saves time from scraping, sanding and repainting over the years.
  • Noise Reduction: Multi-pane windows can provide a quieter indoor environment by blocking external noise.
  • Bulk Discounts: Ordering multiple windows often results in discounts, making it more economical (as well as the total energy savings) to replace all windows at the same time. Crews save time and money on setup time on each installation day, fewer trips, and administration time measuring and ordering windows.

The results realized from window pane replacement varies from home to home based on the number and size of windows and the amount of sun exposure versus shade on each side of the house. The more exposure to sun, the more you can save on energy. Comfort as well as dust and pollen is always better controlled by making your home as air tight as possible.

Houston window replacement
Nice backyard view from the window of luxurious kitchen.

How much does it cost to replace an average size window?

Windows are typically measured and priced according to size (UI united inches is width plus height rather than square inch), shape (rectangle, square, geometric, etc.), style (picture, single hung, double hung, sliding, etc.) and additional features added to the IGU (integrated glass unit, two or three panes separated by an insulation spacer “super spacer”) like coatings, gas fill, grid pattern, etc. The average cost of replacement windows in Houston is not a realistic number. If you would attempt to come up with an average, it would likely be high due to the diversity of homes across the area (Tanglewood, Montrose, The Heights, Atascocita, Conroe…) there are many different types of homes in the region. Here’s more on that:

  • Window Size: Larger windows typically cost more due to the increased amount of glass and materials as well as labor required (homes with windows over 2 stories tall can add to the install cost).
  • Material Costs: The type of material used for the window frames, such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum, affects the price.
  • Style: Different window styles, like double-hung, casement, or picture windows, have varying costs. Picture windows have less framing (just one perimeter frame) and no locking mechanisms or moving parts, for example. All operating windows have more framing and more moving parts and locks.
  • Number of Windows: Efficiency of installation and administration costs associated with replacing multiple windows at once can sometimes offer cost savings through discounts.
  • Labor Costs: These can vary based on the complexity of the installation and the hourly rate of the contractors.
  • Location-Specific Factors: Houston Window Experts cover a very large area. Each city and each village have different local regulations, permits, homeowners associations, etc. which all contribute to and have an impact on the final cost.

Houston Window Experts often recommends these three brands for Houston window replacement, depending on whether you would prefer Vinyl, Fiberglass or Aluminum framed windows. These three brands will cover the needs of homes all over the Houston region from Harris and Montgomery counties all the way down to Galveston, Fort Bend and surrounding counties.

Check out some of the features from each of our Best Houston Window Replacement favorites:

Anlin Vinyl

Anlin Windows and Doors offers a versatile family of top-quality windows with features that far exceed Energy Star ratings.

These are quality virgin vinyl windows available in all the popular styles: Single and Double Hung, Slider, Casement, Picture, Geometric and more.

Anlin offers both replacement windows and patio door lines.

Here is a couple of their popular optional packages:

Add the SunMatrix 4-layer Low-E coating for superior UV light blockage.

Add the Anlin Sound Package which pairs two different glass pane thicknesses to create a 50% reduction is STC (sound transmission)

Infinity Fiberglass

Infinity Windows offers Ultrex Fiberglass construction. This patented fiberglass material resists warping and expansion/contraction with temperature fluctuations common with lower grade window types. Temperature extremes can make some windows difficult to operate as they expand in heat and contract in cold.

Fiberglass can also be up to 8 times stronger than a lot of the vinyl frames offered in the industry.

Fiberglass benefits over wood windows is the lack of maintenance. No repainting and no fading.

Options on Infinity Fiberglass are exterior colors, interior colors and wood grain interior textures and finishes.

Western Aluminum

Western Windows Systems offers a premium line of aluminum framed windows. Besides offering all the usual window types, Western Windows also has beautifully crafted window wall systems for those large custom indoor/outdoor rooms!

Double-pane Low-E glass, of course, which is offered in different thicknesses and coatings to customize your wall openings to complement and accentuate the type of exposure your home faces.

Their precision machining and assembly practices create windows and doors built for energy efficiency, weather protection and lifetime durability.

Tested and certified by both the NFRC and the AAMA

The best way to decide which best replacement windows will serve you best, book an appointment with one of our Houston Window Experts’ no-pressure window consultants. You’ll be presented with our various styles, discuss features and benefits as well as produce a no-obligation estimate. Visit our showroom in The Heights to further your education on the best replacement windows for Houston!

How To Get the Best Windows for Homes in Houston?

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