Living in Houston, Texas, we ask a lot of our homes, especially in those areas where we expect protection from the brutal heat and pouring rain. Our home windows are expected to perform and look great while doing so. When it comes time to replace your windows, how can you choose the right material with so many options? While vinyl, wood, and aluminum replacement windows are all great choices, nothing quite compares to the virtually maintenance-free fiberglass options available.

High-performance fiberglass windows are designed to withstand the elements, increase energy efficiency, and mimic the look and feel of traditional wood without the maintenance required of solid wood or some vinyl products.   Our fiberglass products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors from some of the most trusted names in the home window replacement industry, like Marvin, Pella, Anlin, and more, all installed by our team of AAMA Certified Master Installers. 

Introducing the Infinity Series from Marvin

When it comes to premium windows, it doesn’t get much better than the top-of-the-line Infinity series from Marvin. These fiberglass window replacements use a proprietary material called Ultrex, which is extremely durable and efficient.

But what makes the Infinity series stand out is the attention to detail and customization options that Marvin is known for.

Infinity windows can be completely customized in terms of size, configuration, hardware, and accessories. So, if you have an unusually shaped opening, no problem. Infinity uses state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to create windows made to your exact specifications.

Beyond customization, Infinity offers exceptional aesthetics with numerous grille, finish, and color options. There’s even their proprietary Everwood interior finish, which looks, feels, and stains like wood but is composed of a composite that will never rot.

And they didn’t cut corners with quality – these windows feature commercial-grade hardware, stainless steel screens, and 3D reinforcement for improved strength. These are truly the best fiberglass windows on the market today.

Why Replace With Fiberglass?

  • Fiberglass windows can last between 30–50 years
  • They offer better noise and weather insulation, which comes in handy in large metro areas like Houston
  • Natural, recyclable material
  • Fiberglass replacement windows eliminate expanding and contracting due to temperature changes
  • They will increase the value of your home while lowering your energy costs
  • The material is lighter, thinner, and stronger than most windows
  • Fiberglass frames won’t conduct heat or cold, increasing energy efficiency 
  • Ultrex fiberglass resists fading, scratches, dents, and chalking for long-lasting beauty 
  • Infinity windows back its product with one of the best warranties in the industry 

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows

While vinyl is more affordable upfront, fiberglass offers superior performance and durability that pays off over the long run. 

The key difference is strength and rigidity. Fiberglass is over eight times stronger than vinyl, allowing for larger window sizes, slimmer frames, and excellent thermal performance. The rigid structure also resists expanding and contracting, preventing seal failure between glass units – a common issue with vinyl. 

Vinyl can also become brittle and crack over time as plasticizers leach out. And it’s more prone to dents, scratches, and discoloration. Fiberglass holds up better against weather, wear and tear, and UV rays. Its color won’t fade, and the smooth, non-porous surface stays looking new with simple cleaning. 

While vinyl works fine for basic windows, fiberglass is the way to go for large windows that become a focal point in your home. The material lends itself better to custom shapes and sizes thanks to its strength. And fiberglass takes paint and stain better for a real wood look. 

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