Entry Doors

When you approach a house, what is the first thing you are drawn to? It should be the door. A front door should be inviting, yet strong enough to provide protection for those inside. The entry door can speak volumes to visitors about what awaits them on the inside. It can be subdued and quiet, or really make a statement. A door can be energy efficient too. When choosing a Houston entry door for your home, there are a few material options to consider.

The Oldest Option in Houston Entry Doors

Wood is a very popular choice as it provides a beautiful, yet durable option for homeowners. It is considered a high end option, as its look cannot be duplicated by any other material. Wood is one of the most expensive types and requires regular maintenance. However, repairing scratches on wood is much easier than dented fiberglass or steel.

Steel is another great choice for entry doors. They are more durable than wood and you don’t have to worry about warping, rotting, or pest damage. Steel is also very affordable and provides more protection from intruders than other doors. It doesn’t contract or expand, therefore working smoothly all through the year. Steel also performs better then wood in regions with glaring sun and heavy rainfall. It also provides more adequate insulation than wood doors.

The Newest Option in Houston Entry Doors

Fiberglass is one of the newest products on the market for doors and rapidly increasing in popularity. There is no fear of rust like with steel, and no rotting like with wood. It can be painted or stained, making refreshing the look of your home easy. Fiberglass is affordable and resistant to dents. These doors are also require very little maintenance, and often outperform the others in insulation.

The door symbolizes opportunity, hope, communication and liberation.

All of these doors have beautiful aesthetic options to make them more appealing and beautify your home. There is a vast array of windows and glass features for each of these material types. Homeowners are best served finding the Houston entry door company that will help find that perfect first impression for their home.

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