Are Milgard Windows Affordable Options for Houston Replacement Window?

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Q: Are Milgard Windows Affordable Options for Houston Replacement Windows?

A: While the word “affordable” can mean different things to different home owners, it primarily refers to the initial cost of replacing your windows in your home. There are a few other factors in play though. With Milgard, you really do get a far superior feature set in Houston Replacement Windows – windows that are engineered for our region and climate. An engineered set of specifications that accelerates the return on investment by lowering the total cost of ownership of your new windows.

What are the benefits to spending more for quality Milgard Windows from Houston Window Experts?

One of the best investments that any homeowner can make in order to upgrade the quality of life in his home is to replace old and outmoded windows. Houston Window Experts are often asked by customers how much they should realistically budget for window replacement and whether or not spending a bit more for high quality Milgard Windows is the best use of their money.

  • SmartTouch Lock system
  • EdgeGard Spacer system
  • SunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E glass
  • Strong, superior insulating Fiberglass frames
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Greater curb appeal and resale value
  • Expert installation by Houston Window Experts
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Glass Breakage Warranty
Are Milgard Replacement Windows worth it? Most customers usually discover that the answer is yes, because opting for Milgard Windows offers them a range of benefits that economy window manufacturers do not.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

The use of quality materials to produce Milgard Windows is among the most attractive advantages of opting for this brand when looking for replacement windows. Milgard Windows are also very comfortable to use because they feature a SmartTouch Lock that allows the homeowner to open, close and adjust them with just one touch of a button. This window’s unique Positive Action lock mechanism also closes and locks the window with one simple action. This is an especially important feature for homes where senior residents may have strength and mobility issues that make it difficult to operate traditional windows. Milgard Windows are also an excellent value because they are energy efficient windows, meeting and exceeding EnergyStar qualifications. Applied with a proprietary SunCoat microscopically thin coating that reflects heat, these windows protect home interiors from harmful UV rays at the same time they save energy and lower energy bills. The EdgeGard feature, innovative spacers positioned between the double-strength glass panes to reduce heat and condensation, also decreases outside noise intrusion by as much as 30 percent. Milgard’s wood window enhances the curb appeal of any home by featuring an attractive wood interior matched with a durable fiberglass exterior. Homes outfitted with Milgard Windows can demand higher resale prices. Houston Window Experts customers are also delighted that Milgard Windows are the last windows they will ever have to purchase, backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty. Beauty, increased security, energy efficiency and ease of use and maintenance make Milgard Windows one of the best values that Houston Window Experts offers as Houston replacement windows.

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