Replacement Window Options in Houston, TX

What brand of window is best?

Just like cars, cereal, watches, and TVs, there are levels of quality between brands. While brand name is not always the best qualifier for a window replacement option, it can help. With so many window makers in the USA, the risk of getting an off-brand window with quality control problems, unavailable parts, and inferior service is a real risk. Staying with the major window brands ensures that you only deal with reputable makers of quality products, and that you can depend on them if the need for warranty work should arise. For a detailed explanation on this subject, visit our page on Costly Window Mistakes. For answers to this question and brand suggestions, contact your Houston Window Experts today. We’ll help you navigate the window replacement options available to you.

Do you want grids? What type of grids?Replacement Windows Houston Grids

Another decision you will need to consider when buying replacement windows is whether or not to have grids on your new windows. There are several types of grids to choose from:

  • Colonial grids (most common in Houston)
  • Colonial diamond
  • Colonial contour (they have a raised edge that creates shadowing and looks more authentic)
  • Queen Ann contour
  • Accentrim colonial diamond
  • Accentrim Queen Ann
  • Brass
  • Pewter
  • Perimiter grid (not pictured)
  • And about a dozen more
You can also choose to place your grids between the glass (GBG) or over the glass (Simulated Divided Lights, or SDL), giving it the nostalgic look of a historical home. To do this, you’ll need the help of a window replacement expert at Houston Window Experts. They’ll assist you with the various options, patterns, colors, and placements of replacement window grids.

What about my homeowner association?

Many neighborhoods have homeowner associations, or HOAs, that regulate home improvement standards. HOAs oversee the improvements that can and cannot be done to your home—and what types, styles, and colors can be used. HOAs strive to preserve the neighborhood’s integrity by preventing homeowners from painting their house fluorescent orange or building a threestory tool shed in the front yard. When it comes to window replacement, most Houston HOAs are more than pleased to see their homeowners improve their property.

HOAs want to be sure of a couple things:

  • What color windows you’re using
  • How that color matches your home’s brick and/or paint scheme
  • What brand of window you’re using and if it’s good quality
  • Who will be doing the replacement window installation
  • If the replacement window installer is insured
  • When the project will start
  • What time of day the replacement will start and end
  • How long the project will take to complete
  • They may also request brochures, copies of your agreement with the replacement window installation company, color samples, and photos

With Houston Window Experts, you can rest assured that your HOA will be satisfied. We have installed thousands of windows—and have probably worked in your neighborhood. We work hand-in-hand with you to get the HOA approval needed for your project.

If you prefer not to involve your HOA, we suggest you find windows that are similar to those in your neighborhood. This may help you avoid any potential issues down the road.


Can you cut your own hair? Yes!

Can you extract your own tooth? Yes!

Can I install my own replacement windows? Yes, but why would you?

Many American homeowners enjoy working on projects around the house—but many don’t have the experience needed to install complex replacement windows. The US Department of Labor & Statistics estimates that each year, nearly 40 percent of money spent on home improvement is spent on fixing those same failed projects. Instead of spending money years from now to fix a mistake, you’d be wiser to have your replacement windows installed by an expert.

Window installation is best left to the pros. If you truly want to install your own windows, we’ll gladly to coach you and walk you through the process. While we strongly suggest you use a factory-certified replacement window installer, we understand that some homeowners want to do their own installation. In any case, we’re here to help.

Free In-Home Consultation With An Expert

Enjoy an informative no-pressure shopping experience in the comfort of your own home. During our in-home consultation our window expert will:

  • Ask the right questions and address your specific concerns.
  • Show you a variety of energy-efficient replacement window products.
  • Bring sample replacement windows so you can see your options up close.
  • Provide expert advice to help you select the best replacement windows for your home and budget.
  • Inspect your old windows and measure to ensure a precise weather-tight and airtight fit.
  • Explain the window installation process, so you will know what to expect.
  • Give you a written estimate for your new windows, including expert installation and taxes.
  • Walk you through our window ordering and installation process so you know what steps to take next.
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