Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Windows

Choosing Quality When It Matters

Replacing the windows in your home can be a big investment and it’s natural to look for ways to save money on your project; in fact, we made a video about that. What you don’t want to do is buy cheap windows, just because it’s a double-pane window doesn’t mean it’s a good window. Sure, it’s tempting to go the cheap route but there are times when choosing quality is a luxury and times when choosing quality is a necessity and replacing your windows is the latter.

Why Windows Matter

The windows on your home are so much more than appearances; they need to do more than just look great they need to perform as well. A poorly made, poorly installed, window is far more likely to leak and let in drafts. Everyone is aware of the significance of water getting in through a window and the damage that it can cause but a drafty window is costly in an entirely different way. Not only is it costing you money because it’s letting all of the comfortable air that your HVAC system is working so hard to produce right out of the house; but that same HVAC system is working overtime and the strain is taking a toll on its longevity. Not only is that window costing you monthly, but it could also be shortening the life of your HVAC system.

That drafty window isn’t just having an impact on the comfort of your home it’s also doing a poor job of keeping out dust and pollen. If you suffer from allergies it’s not doing you any favors. If you don’t suffer from allergies you’re doing more cleaning than you would if you had a quality window. In short, a window is a critical part of the function of your home. Yes, they can be a beautiful accent to the curb appeal and let in natural light and bring in views; but they need to perform above all else.

Quality Installation Matters

Houston Window Experts has years of experience installing windows the right way. We pride ourselves on a service-first approach to business that puts serving and satisfying, our customers above profits. We believe that you provide a great product along with great service then success will follow.

We offer lots of window options, instead of one like some of our competitors. Our extensive selection ensures that we can find a window that best meets your needs. Better yet, we say “No” to pressure sales tactics. Instead, our Product Specialists will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Looking for bargain windows might seem appealing in the short term but buying a cheap window will result in more headaches and expenses further down the line. Window quality matters and we can help you find an affordable window, install it correctly, and get the job done right.

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