Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have evolved a great deal since they first gained popularity in homes during the late 1960’s. They were originally designed as a thriftier alternative to wood and steel that would protect the frames against atmospheric and chemical agents in post war America. Today’s Aluminum Windows are manufactured to be extremely functional, just about maintenance free, and complementary to both modern and traditional home design. They are much stronger than vinyl windows and will never rot like wood windows could.

What is Thermal Aluminum?

Thermally broken aluminum windows are manufactured with a barrier between the inside and outside window frames that resists conductive thermal energy loss. Whether through the blazing Texas heat or cold weather, thermally broken windows improve the comfort level inside your home. As a general rule Thermally broken aluminum windows are not desirable in cold climates but work nearly as well as any other window material in hotter climates. Through modern engineering and next generation materials, you can now get the strength, narrow profile and performance you are looking for in a premium aluminum window.

Aluminum Windows

Why Choose Aluminum Windows?

  • Aluminum is durable and capable of lasting for decades, reducing your whole life maintenance expense.
  • Thin, sleek profiles enhance the overall aesthetic of your home while also substantially increasing your view.
  • Thermal breaks separate and protect your home from the elements preventing both heat gain and loss.
  • Aluminum windows won’t warp, rust or rot.
  • Premium aluminum are anodized. This is the strongest finish available.
  • Aluminum windows come in very popular colors. (Black, Clear/Silver, white, Tan and more).

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