The Best Hurricane-Proof Windows Are From Houston Window Experts

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Do You Live In a Windstorm Zone?

Windstorm, Hurricane, and Impact Windows are required by code, and if you live in a designated coastal zone, you must have them. You can enter your address here to see if you’re in an area that requires hurricane-proof or windstorm windows, or you can fill out the contact form on this page and talk to an Expert about your project.

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Installing Impact Windows

Installing impact or windstorm windows is nothing like a typical replacement window, and you need a Window Expert to help you navigate the process. A window built to withstand hurricane-force winds without a proper installation won’t do you any good. Given the complexities, engineering, and inspection of a hurricane window installation, many other window companies won’t even venture into impact window areas.

Houston Window Experts brings their years of excellence and experience into windstorm window installation, and if you need replacement windows in a hurricane zone, giving them a call is the best decision you’ll make. As Jeff Ludy, the owner of the company, likes to say, “A great window with a bad installation is a bad window!” With Houston Window Experts in your corner, you’ll know your project was done right.

Windstorm, Hurricane, & Impact Windows: What’s The Difference?

A windstorm, or hurricane, window has a higher design pressure rating (DP) than a typical window. The DP rating measures the window’s ability to withstand the higher wind load of hurricane-force winds. The DP rating requirement will vary based on your proximity to the coast and the window’s location on the house, but a DP rating for a non-windstorm window is typically around 35 while a hurricane window is usually above 50.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are windows with glass where one of the panes consists of a sheet of polymer laminated between two pieces of glass. The polymer prevents penetration of the pane. You can see a demonstration here.

Impact windows are used for security applications as well as hurricane windows. Certain windstorm zones will require “debris protection,” and there are two ways that one can achieve this. The first is with impact-rated windows with laminated glass, and the second is with approved window coverings with various options like shutters, roll screens, and panels. You can see them in a video that we made here.

Get The Help You Need

Window projects are complicated, and if you live in a windstorm area, doubly so. That’s you need to reach out to Houston Window Experts for help with your project. We approach your project with a solutions-based mindset, and if the best option for you doesn’t include us, we’ll say so and point you in the right direction.

If you don’t live in the Houston area, check out The Window Experts, where we’ve assembled a list of like-minded window companies that we can put you in touch with.

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