Are Hurricane Windows Really Necessary in Galveston, Texas?

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Whether you were born and raised in Galveston or you’ve moved here for work or school, you now live in an island city on the gulf coast. There’s so much to be said for the location – from the East End Historical District to The Downtown Strand Area – but what they all have in common is their proximity to the coast and the impact that the potential landfall of storms and even hurricanes can create if you’re a homeowner.

Texas Windstorm Insurance Certification

If you’re building a home or investing in replacement windows and you want to ensure you’re eligible for coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), your structure needs to meet their building code requirements, and that includes hurricane or impact-resistant windows.

What Makes Impact-Resistant Windows Impact-Resistant?

The frame

While the window frame material can be vinyl, wood, or metal, an additive like steel is added for additional reinforcement, and the installation process includes a sturdy anchoring system.


Shatter-resistant glazing in double-pane windows provides additional protection because of an impact-resistant membrane that’s situated between the two panes. As a result of the membrane, the glass may shatter, but the pieces remain held within the frame instead of becoming airborne. This type of window is better equipped to keep out water and wind as well.

Impact-resistant film

Not quite as sturdy as the membrane, the impact-resistant film that’s placed over each pane of glass keeps shards of broken glass in place.

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus Windows Offer Impact Resistance and More

In addition to being impact-resistant, hurricane windows Galveston, should offer all the same benefits of other windows, and at Simonton, they do. They’re designed for coastal living, but for those long stretches of time when hurricanes are not an issue, Simonton understands that coastal residents want what everyone else does. They want to be able to choose windows that:

  • Are capable of dampening sound intrusion by reducing it by 50%
  • Provide security as a barrier against forced entry
  • Filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • Are energy efficient, strong, and durable
  • Have been tested and certified to meet the AAMA standards for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones by the Texas Department of Insurance evaluation for the Texas Coast

You’ll have the option to order your Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows to meet Energy Star guidelines which will help reduce your cooling costs by meeting EPA and Department of Energy guidelines.

Let Houston Window Experts Help Make Sense of it All

Your home is your castle, and once you’ve done everything you can to protect it from the elements, you’ll want to be able to enjoy its beauty, feel safe within its confines, and enjoy the view.

We can help you sort through the regulations that apply to coastal cities like Galveston and decide on the additional options you have like Low-E, UV protection, and sound-reduction, and we’ll ensure your choice will meet the TWIA certification requirements.

Once you’ve identified the features you want in your windows, we’ll come to your home to measure each window to ensure a custom fit. We’ll provide you with a written estimate, order your windows, schedule the installation for a time that’s agreeable to you, and our AAMA Master Installers will get the job done professionally and promptly.

We are the Houston Window Experts! Contact us today for a Free Consultation on how we can help with your window needs. You may also call us directly by dialing 832-900-7024.

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