Ten Things To Know Before You Buy Windows

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Where To Start?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to buy windows? You’ve come to the right place. Jeff has some great tips for getting you started on the right foot when shopping for the best window company to fit your needs. Here are ten things that you need to know before you buy windows.

Tip One: Sleep on it

Don’t rush into buying windows. Be on the lookout for shady tactics that rush you into buying windows. Take your time and do it right the first time.

Tip Two: Compare

There are over 1,800 window brands in the U.S. Take your time comparing brands and analyze the companies who install them, read reviews, and talk with previous customers. See who provides customers the things they’ve promised in their finalized products.

Tip Three: Question Everything

Of the companies you are comparing, question everything from whether or not they use contractors or actual employees, to insurance coverage, to how they do the installation and what materials they use. All of the little things play a massive role in the quality of service you will receive.

Tip Four: Have a Budget

Know how much you can spend before you start. It is hard not to be distracted by sales gimmicks, but remember cheap labor is not always skilled labor, and skilled labor is not always cheap and once the windows are installed; they are yours. It can be a big investment but it is an investment; know how much you are willing to spend to get the best outcome possible.

Tip Five: Get the Details

Find out everything that you can about the process from start to finish. Who’s going to put in your window? Are they taking down and reinstalling your window treatments and blinds? Will they protect your flooring and move furniture while the work is being done? All of these are questions that you should ask. Many companies require you to handle some of these details.

Tip Six: Don’t Quit – Hang in There!

The window buying process can be daunting so take a step back to reevaluate but don’t step back so far you quit. Like anything else, window buying has a learning curve, and if you stick with it, you’ll learn what you need to know, and your investment of time will be worth the effort.

Tip Seven: Do I Pay Cash or Finance?

Cash may not be an option, but you must take time to do the math and verify you will not be a victim of predatory financing. Ensure the financing you sign up for is not astronomically more expensive than the value of purchasing windows themselves. Definitely take the time to learn the true cost of so-called “Zero Percent Financing” before you buy windows.

Tip Eight: Fall in Love

You read that correctly; fall in love with your chosen company, not the windows. Suppose the company is a good organization you’ll want to do business with them. It will be a win-win for both of you.

Tip Nine: Negotiate Before You Buy

Some organizations will not have much room to negotiate because they were fair in the original pricing. Be sure to view your project as a whole and edit pieces of the project to save where you can. For example, if you have three smaller windows in an area, could one larger window replace them for a lower price. Be open to options and discuss those with the company you chose.

Tip Ten: Celebrate

Have an installation celebration. Once the work is complete, celebrate that victory with you and your family. If the organization that did the work did a great job, celebrate with them. Your attitude of gratitude goes a long way for you and them.

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