What Makes Us A Superior Window Company?

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A Superior Philosphy

It all starts with a mindset. What is the goal in mind? At Houston Window Experts we saw that things in our industry needed to change. To be a superior window company we needed a different approach altogether. A lot of window companies were so focused on profits above all else that they were willing to sacrifice service and customer satisfaction, not Houston Window Experts.

We decided to put the needs of the customer back where they should be, first and foremost. We felt like if you operated with honesty and integrity that profits would follow. Do we get it right every time? Absolutely not. We make mistakes, just like everyone else but when we do make a mistake we will absolutely own our error and do what we need to do to make things right.

Our philosophy on how to be a superior window company can be broken down into three themes, a superior process, superior products, and superior people.

A Superior Process

By far, the biggest difference between us and most other window companies out there is our process when it comes to the installation of your windows. You can have a great window but if it’s not installed properly it won’t matter how good it is. So because we care so much about our installation we made the decision to use employees and not subcontractors as our installation crews.

It’s not a knock on subs, there are plenty of great sub crews out there but if you do manage to find one that does a great job they don’t work for you exclusively. They might be working for four or five window companies and you just won’t get to dictate their schedule. Those are the good subs, there are also plenty of other subs out there who just care about getting the job done as quickly as possible so they can get on to the next job.

See, sub crews are typically paid by the window so the incentive is for speed, and for some people that means cutting corners. They also typically provide their own materials which, again, means using the cheapest caulk, foam, screws, etc all to maximize their profits.

By using our own employees we get to control the process much more closely. Yes, it is more costly for us but you get a superior installation with the best caulking, the best foam, and the best screws. Our crews are incentivized to do the best job that they can, not the quickest.

Superior Products

Most window companies will carry one, maybe two, or three, brands of windows. Of course, they are going to try to convince you that it’s the perfect window for’s the only one they have! At Houston Window Experts we know that to be a superior window company we have to carry enough brands to provide you with some options. We’re like the CarMax of the window world.

We carry over a dozen window manufacturers so you can actually choose a window that is right for your project without having to compromise. We have windows for every style, application, and budget and our experts will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Once you’ve settled on your window of choice we’ll perform the installation with the same philosophy of using superior products, materials, and supplies to do it. After all, we’re going to stand behind our installation and it’s good for both parties that we perform the best that we can.

Superior People

We are nothing with our people and at Houston Window Experts we seek to fill our ranks with people who have the same heart for excellence and service. From scheduling your initial consultation all the way through to your installation celebration the people you come in contact with are here because they have demonstrated the shared goal of providing you with the most delightful home improvement experience you’ve ever had.

Do we knock it out of the park every time? Of course not. We’re people and we will make mistakes but we’ll own it and do what it takes to make it right. At Houston Window Experts you’ll find a superior window company with a process, products, and people that set us apart. Give us a call today and see for yourself what a difference the right philosophy makes.

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