11 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home (Infographic)

Whether you’re selling your home or looking to create a more enjoyable living space, home renovation may be worth the investment. Take a look at this infographic for home renovation tips and read on to learn how to increase your home’s property value.


Adding new windows boosts your home’s energy e­fficiency and overall appearance for greater value. How?

  • Investing in maintenance-free material allows buyers to avoid labor while preserving pristine panes. No run-down rusting and peeling.
  • Modern thermal designs prevent drafts, condensation, and noise. Their ability to maintain optimum temperatures can also save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs.
  • Window replacement ensures easy opening, closing, and locking. The security and functionality will both give buyers peace of mind.


Painting is a small investment, and it often pays for itself. Buyers will appreciate these additional benefits:

  • Current colors will modernize a home’s aesthetic. Neutrals are a safe bet and will appeal to more tastes.
  • A consistent, durable paint job makes a home’s siding look newer and last longer (it also helps identify early insect damage to this area).
  • Paint is your home’s first line of defense. It can resist intense weather and ward off mold and mildew.


A perfectly manicured lawn may be what stalls a drive-by buyer. Consider how additional landscaping adds to your home’s curb appeal:

  • Ridding your yard of leaves and weeds implies a well-preserved home worthy of a walk-in. (For the same reason, a tidy property discourages burglars.)
  • Pressure washing your sidewalk and driveway offers a sparkling first impression.
  • Installing path lights and wall lights creates a safe, welcoming glow and accentuates your home’s style.


Decluttering to take a listing photo may get you an interested buyer, but you must uphold the appearance of a spacious, organized space to compete with a newly built home.

  • Buyers look for storage. They will open every cabinet and spot-check every nook and cranny. Add shelving to make closets, sheds, and your garage look bigger.
  • Remove cords, toys, etc. to avoid the visual of a narrow, cramped space. Donate any off-season or unused items.
  • Clean countertop appliances and clear them when you can.


Timing is important and irreplaceable, so if you’re going to add new faucets, shower heads, lighting, or tile flooring, be sure these projects can be completed prior to a walk-through. Here are a few other ways to give your bathroom a spa-like experience:

  • Update towel bars and adorn them with colorful, soft towels for display.
  • Put out fragrant candles and bath oils for potential buyers.
  • Buyers want to visualize their daily routines, not yours. Stash personal hygiene items in stylish baskets.


Buyers can always spy a cheap update. Because kitchens are high-traffic areas, wear and tear will quickly reveal itself. These additions aren’t costly, but also aren’t glaringly second-rate:

  • 48 percent of buyers will pay extra for a kitchen island.
  • Stainless steel is a popular appliance option—but a hospital-like atmosphere can quickly steal a room’s warmth.
  • New appliances, countertops, cupboards, or backsplash add a designer quality.


Homebuyers adore hardwood floors. If that’s outside of your budget, a deep shampoo can remove most dirt and pet odor. If your carpeting is stained, worn, or the color would be considered “retro,” it’s time for a replacement. Even inexpensive, easy-to-install laminate wood floors or tiles will improve the look of your home.


Decks fulfill the suburban dream for grilling out and ideal relaxation. A new deck will recover about 106 percent of its value, so it’s a worthy upgrade.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s value, families are always on the lookout for bonus rooms. Get creative with these simple additions:

  • A built-in or drop-down desk makes a fast office space.
  • A murphy bed transforms any room into a sleeping area for renters or guests.
  • Shelving units in less obvious spaces can open up wine storage, a mudroom, or a library.
  • The right equipment can furnish a music room, gym, or home theater.


Something as minimal as replacing your older doors can give your house a facelift, while also increasing its resale value.

  • New doors come with stronger locks and higher tech security to prevent break-ins.
  • Wooden doors weather and lose functionality. Steel entry doors can bring you a 101.8 percent ROI upon resale.
  • Aged doors let in more noise. At the very least, repairing cracked caulking and weather stripping increases comfort and privacy.


Nothing will save you more time and money—and renovation costs—than keeping up on regular home maintenance. It’s a good idea to create a monthly checklist. Here are a few items you might include on that list to increase your home value:

  • Inspect your furnace, sump pump, and ventilation system.
  • Test smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide alarms, etc.

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