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Anlin Windows

Founded in 1990, Anlin Windows & Doors company has made innovation a priority. They continue to push the envelope of design and invest heavily in new technologies and practices to ensure that they stay at the forefront of the window and door industry.

More than product and innovation, Anlin has made its relationship with its customers and dealers the heart of its business model. It shows in the Google and Yelp reviews, you’re going to have a hard time finding a window and door manufacturer with a better reputation online. From service and support to their double lifetime warranty, Anlin windows stand behind its products.

When Anlin looked to expand into the Houston market, the shared values and commitment to quality workmanship and integrity made it a natural fit between Houston Window Experts and Anlin Windows & Doors. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with one of our product specialists.

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What Makes The Del Mar Different

In a word, features. We don’t just mean added colors, we’re talking about features that most other window companies don’t even offer or, if they do, they’re upgrades that you’re going to pay a premium for. Like what, you ask?

  • Foam-filled frame
  • Fiberglass reinforced meeting rail
  • Extruded aluminum screen frame
  • Sound-reducing offset glass
  • Flood-filled argon glass units
  • Neat-glass

Foam-Filled Frame

The foam serves to reduce the transmission of both sound and heat so you end up with a quieter, more energy-efficient, window.

foam filled frame

Flood-Filled Glass Units

Very often glass units are filled with argon gas to improve their thermal efficiency. Most window makers accomplish this by assembling the glass unit, poking a hole in the spacer, and inserting a needle that pumps argon gas into the unit. Once filled the needle is removed and the hole is sealed. Anlin has their glass units built by Cardinal Glass where they use flood-fill technology. With flood-fill, the units are assembled inside a chamber that is completely filled with argon gas. This way you get a glass unit that is at least 90% argon-filled without having penetrations in the seal which could be points of failure down the road.

anlin fiberglass reinforcement

Fiberglass Reinforcement

Reinforcing the meeting rail is standard in Anlin windows. The reinforcement provides more structural integrity and security by providing something to screw into besides the vinyl frame. The Del Mar line takes it a step further by using fiberglass which is lighter and less conductive than the typical metal used.

Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame

This is a screen like you’ve never seen before. While most windows use flimsy screens that are fine up until we need to remove them for cleaning, then they kink, bend, and fall apart. The Anlin screen frame uses extrusions more robust than some window frames. They are built to last.

sound pack offset glass

Offset Glass

Sound is transmitted through windows by the vibration sound waves. By using pieces of glass that differ in thickness, in this case, 1/8″ and 3/18th”, the panes vibrate at different frequencies so some of the soundwaves get deadened in the process.

Cardinal NEAT+ Glass

For a full breakdown of how NEAT+ Glass works have a look at this. In short, it makes the glass 40% less attractive to dust so it gets less dirty and stays cleaner longer than standard glass.

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