Build, Buy, Or Remodel Your Home?

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Build, buy or remodel your current home? This can be a tricky question with many variables to consider. In this article, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of each and consider what your best option might be.

To Build Or Not To Build…

If you’re a, shall we say, particular person and there’s no such thing as a “small” detail, in your opinion; then you might to attracted to building a home. After all, you have the ability to customize everything to your exact specifications. From the floor plan to the fixtures, you have your hands in it all.

What some might see as a blessing can also be a bit of a curse. It’s not hard to be overwhelmed by all of those details and if you end up unhappy with the way some aspect of your new home turns out then you could spend years kicking yourself for picking A over B. Plus, new home construction can drag on and add to the stress you are already feeling

A couple of things to also consider when building a new home is most commodities have increased in price lately, so building is a bit more expensive than it used to be. There are still supply chain disruptions that continue to plague the industry making projects take longer to complete and driving up costs at the same time.

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Buying A Home

In our market, it’s a great time to sell a home but those higher home values also mean that you’re going to pay more for your next home. Additionally, interest rates are still reasonably low, but they have begun to creep up and increasing rates are a concern when buying a new home.

Another factor to consider is that very often when purchasing a home you end up needing to make some upgrades to make it uniquely yours. Unless you need to relocate completely staying where you are might make the most sense which brings us to our last option.

Making Sense Of Remodeling

If you live in a nice area where price values continue upward, it may be the most economical to stay where you are and do a little remodeling. Making small upgrades to your home one project at a time will increase the value of your home, and you can enjoy them while you still live there. The top three improvements that add value to your home:

1.) Kitchen renewal

2.) Bathroom modernization

3.) Window upgrades.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful home with great curb appeal?

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