Costly Replacement Window Mistakes

The Top Five Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Replacement Windows and How You Can Avoid Them.

If you are looking for window replacement in Houston, you have lots of options available to you. But with that comes the possibility of serious mistakes. Read on to find out the top five mistakes to avoid when shopping around for window replacement in Houston.

  1. Cutting Corners

No one wants to spend more than they have to on their Houston window replacement—but don’t cut corners to save a few bucks. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is extremely true. Many window replacement companies in Houston offer windows for outrageously low pricing—but with that comes outrageously low quality.

Companies will try to take advantage of your frugality by offering inferior products, faulty installation, poor performance, shallow warranties, and bait and switch tactics. Don’t fall for it. The window is cheap for a reason.

Before settling on just any window replacement company, make sure to do your research on them—but also on the specific brand and model of the replacement window. Sometimes the replacement window you see in the store is not the one the company installs in your home.

Make sure to select the best window for your needs—you can even install them in phases if necessary. This option is miles better than settling for cheap windows that end up costing you more time, heartache, and money in the long run.

  1. Giving in to Pressure

There are many negative consequences to buying cheap replacement windows—and there are often just as many when overpaying. Some replacement window customers are pressured into buying windows that are expensive and impractical.

Some window companies try to “hard sell” their customers by convincing them to spend thousands of dollars more than necessary. To protect yourself from these salespeople, don’t be tempted to buy the first, most expensive window they show you. Instead, ask them to provide details, product brochures, and a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. Once you have this, you can go home and do your own research before making an overly expensive decision.

  1. Improper installation

Even if you avoid making the previous two mistakes, and pay a fair price for your replacement window, how do you know it’s installed properly? Many homeowners assume that the replacement window installer is well-qualified—and they should be. But homeowners should still do their homework to ensure they’re getting quality window installation.

Window factories usually adhere to strict quality control standards. But once that window has left the factory, it could end up being installed by someone who is unqualified. In fact, nearly 90 percent of major window brand warranty claims are due to failed installation, not problems with the actual window.

To ensure your windows are properly installed, make sure to ask the company if their installers have been trained by the window manufacturer, and take time to verify that claim. Any reputable company will be able to offer training validation.

You should also be aware that many window companies hire subcontractors to do their installation. In this case, it’s especially important to verify training credentials.

  1. Buying “John Doe” Windows

Some homeowners encounter issues after their windows have been replaced because they have purchased “John Doe” windows whose brand name cannot be identified. If the window fails, the company that did the installation will not be able to locate parts to fix the issue, and thus repair becomes almost impossible.

This is usually the outcome of a window company lying about where a window comes from. A salesperson might say that, because of a brand’s excellent reputation and high sales volume, they decided to create a special, exclusive window just for the store’s customers. They might say that this window is better than all other windows, and they can offer the customer a great deal.

However, the window is often not unique in any way. It most likely came from one of the many subpar manufacturers that creates private-label, inferior windows that allow greedy companies to take advantage of trusting customers.

To avoid issues with eventual repair, make sure to stick with brand-name windows from trustworthy manufacturers. This way, even if the window installation company goes out of business, you will still be able to find parts, service, and warranty information.

  1. Forgetting Due Diligence

When shopping for replacement windows in Houston, due diligence is crucial. Don’t rush into a window purchase without asking the right questions and finding out more about the company:


  • Verify that the contractor is insured, and ask for a current copy of the liability insurance policy.
  • Get and call their references.
  • Don’t hire them unless they communicate quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure your windows will be installed in a timely manner, usually two to three weeks.
  • Don’t fall for the fine print. Find out how much the “free financing” will actually cost you.
  • Search the name of the company plus the words “complaints” and “reviews.”
  • Ask if they plan to get a permit for your project.
  • Don’t fall for the “buy today or lose the special discount” pressure. You can often get the same discount when you call back.
  • Get a written agreement detailing exactly what is included in your purchase, plus any promises they gave you.


Trust the Experts and Do It Right the First Time

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be sure to find quality, affordable windows that are installed properly. At Houston Window Experts, we provide a no-pressure shopping experience in the comfort of your own home.

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