Double-Pane Windows: Are They Worth the Price?

Double pane replacement windows in Houston, TX.

What are Double-Pane Windows?

Double-pane (also called dual-pane) windows come with two panes of glass that are separated by air, opposed to the traditional single pane. Double-pane windows can not only keep you warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, but they can also reduce your electricity bill. On average, 30 percent of heating and cooling costs are attributable to old windows. In Houston, and other warm-climate cities, the blistering temperatures make it expensive and challenging to keep your house as cool as you would like it: Therefore, dual-pane windows can create a more comfortable living situation. Double-paned windows can also insulate your home from outside noise, providing a cozier and quieter home environment.

Why Should You Get Dual-Pane Windows?

Why? To replace single-pane windows, of course, just as single-pane windows replaced a hole in the wall covered with shutters.

Early in the twentieth century, glass making had progressed to the point that windows could be machine drawn, making single-pane windows accessible to the general public. By mid-century, the idea of dual-pane windows began to catch on.

Why are Dual-Pane Windows Better than Single-Pane Windows?

For people who live in an area where seasonal temperatures remain consistent and mild all year long and their neighborhood is quiet, single-pane windows might be enough. But in Houston and other warm climates, dual-pane windows keep the heat outside in the summer and inside during our short—but often cold—winter nights.

When double-pane windows were first introduced, many homeowners saw the cost difference and stayed with single-pane. It didn’t take long, though, for people to realize that energy bills decreased significantly with an extra panel of glass.

What’s So Great About Dual Pane Windows?

Dual-pane windows are a giant step toward energy efficiency, but they’re also the basic structure upon which additional technologies can be built to increase their efficiencies in a variety of areas:

  • The fact that there are two panes of glass with nothing but air between them reduces the transfer of heat.
  • By replacing the air with argon or krypton gas, the window’s thermal efficiency is increased up to nine times that of single-pane.
  • A dual-pane window reduces noise intrusion. If you really have a noise problem, there’s triple-pane glass, but that’s another discussion.
  • If you’re still dealing with storm windows, you’ll really be glad you got dual-pane replacement windows.
  • By selecting the Low-E option for your glass package, the coating will reflect heat back into the home when it’s cold outside and keep the cool air inside during the summer.
  • There might be state or federal tax credits for making energy-efficient home improvements.

There’s More to a Window Than Glass

The glass package is very important, but so is the frame material, the hardware, and the operating style. At Houston Window Experts, we’re proud to offer 18 brands to choose from, and we’ll compare your requirements to what each company has to offer, including pricing, style, and options.

If you decide on Marvin Windows, you’ll be pleased to know that:

  • They’ll custom build your replacement windows to the exact measurements of your home.
  • Whether your home is in one of the beautiful historic districts or is part of the metropolis, Marvin Windows has aesthetic designs, frame materials, and operating styles to fit your home’s already defined character.

No matter which brand you choose, Houston Window Experts will provide you with a written estimate for your double-pane replacement windows that includes all costs—so there are no surprises. We’ll schedule delivery and installation according to your preferred timing. Our installation crew will be respectful of your home and dedicated to doing a great job. They won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.

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