Fiberglass Replacement Windows or Vinyl?

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If you’re considering replacement windows for your home and you don’t want either aluminum or wood, your remaining options are fiberglass or vinyl. Houston Window Experts can help you decide, but here are some basics:Areas where they rate about the same:

  • Neither vinyl nor fiberglass is subject to rot or insects, making them both more durable than wood windows.
  • Both materials are equally low-maintenance.
  • Both have superior insulating properties.

Areas where Vinyl comes out on top:

  • If cost is your driving factor, then vinyl is your likely choice.

Areas where fiberglass comes out on top:

  • Fiberglass, especially Marvin’s Ultrex® fiberglass, is stronger than vinyl.
  • Unlike vinyl, fiberglass windows can be painted.
  • Because fiberglass windows are about 60% glass, which is recyclable, they’re considered greener than vinyl.
  • Fiberglass mimics the look of wood better than vinyl.
  • Vinyl window frames are slightly thicker than fiberglass, reducing the amount of glass space.
  • Because fiberglass frames are stronger than vinyl, they can contain and support larger expanses of glass.
  • Fiberglass replacement windows contribute to a higher resale value of your home.

What do Marvin replacement windows have to offer?

Marvin’s Family of Brands Integrity line includes All Ultrex® single hung windows. These are popular Marvin replacement windows that look like double-hung but have just a single operating sash. With fewer moving parts and the Ultrex® fiberglass with a patented finish that is three times thicker than the competitors, you can count on a virtually maintenance-free finish and a strong seal. They’re called All Ultrex® because these single-hung fiberglass replacement windows have an exterior, exterior trim, and interior that are made of Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass.

What other considerations should be taken into account?

Glass Options:

  • All Integrity products come with insulating glass with Low E and argon gas.
  • Tempered glass is an option.
  • Obscured glass is available for bathrooms or other rooms where privacy is a concern.
  • If traffic or outside noise is an issue, you might consider sound abatement through variable thickness glazing.

Grille Patterns:

  • You can add your personal touch with one of five available grille patterns.
  • Grilles between the glass (GBG) is an option for easier cleaning.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Marvin Family of Brands carries a robust and transferable warranty.

If you’ve decided on fiberglass, now you have to decide between single- or double-hung windows.

Since they look pretty much the same and they’re both vertical sliding windows with an upper and lower sash, what’s the difference?


  • Only the bottom sash moves, therefore is the only one to tilt-in.
  • The top sash is permanently fixed.
  • Single-hung windows generally cost less than double-hung.
  • They’re less susceptible to air infiltration or leakage because there are fewer moving parts.
  • They present an authentic look on historic homes.


  • Both sashes move and tilt-in for easier cleaning.
  • For homes with small children, the lower sash can remain closed for safety while the upper sash can be lowered for circulation.

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