Milgard Window Installation

We Don’t Call Ourselves Houston Window Experts For Nothing

For one thing, we’re a family-owned business, and we put our reputation on the line with every window we sell and install. Our values and professionalism set us apart from those in the industry who misrepresent their products and skills. We have strong relationships with top quality, high-performance replacement window manufacturers like Milgard, and our installers are trained and certified to complete a Milgard window installation professionally, in a timely fashion, and at an affordable price.

Milgard Windows Houston

Milgard Windows and Doors offers a full Lifetime Warranty including glass breakage, and with 19 manufacturing and customer service locations, we’re confident in their responsiveness and are proud to be certified installers of their custom manufactured windows.

Can I Replace My Windows by Myself?

Sure you can, but consider the following:
  • Do you know the difference between new-construction windows and replacement windows?
  • Make sure your measurements are accurate.
  • DIY replacement windows can be difficult to find.
  • Window replacement is a tougher job than most homeowners expect.
  • There is often a lack of complete details and instructions from the manufacturer on how to handle the hundreds of different surrounding wall and job site conditions
  • Are you prepared to do the peripheral work, like installing exterior cladding?
  • Do you have the specialized tools that are required?

What if I Find a Handy-Man Who Can do it For Less?

Good luck with that. Common problems you might be subject to include:
  • Inaccurate measurements that result in retrofitting your replacement windows
  • Scheduling the work only to find the time has to be moved back, often more than once
  • Potential damage to the interior/exterior of your home
  • No warranty
  • Difficulty getting the contractor to come back and fix problems
  • Poorly installed windows, even if they’re top-of-the-line, could end up costing more in the long run

Finally, Let’s List the Benefits of a Certified Milgard Window Installation

Choosing a replacement window: Houston Window Experts offers many brands, materials, glass-packages, and frames to choose from, and we’ll help you decide which is best for your home – expertise you won’t find at a big box store. You’re off to a good start by choosing a Milgard Windows Houston Dealer like Houston Window Experts. What do certified window installers bring to the table?
  • Certified installers are trained on best practices and industry techniques.
  • Manufacturer warranties that cover installation insist that the approved and recommended installation method is used.
  • Peace of mind that the installation was done properly.

Houston Window Experts has AAMA Certified Installation Masters

The Installation Masters Training and Certification Program is a national training and certification program for window and door installers. They receive training on:
  • Tested and accepted installation techniques
  • Proper material selection, including the correct use of sealant and flashing
  • Job site safety
  • Protection of the homeowner’s property
  • Quality control
  • Product care, adjustment, cleaning, etc.
If you’re unsure about tackling a DIY project of window replacement, come in to Houston Window Experts. We’ll walk you through the process, help you make your choice, save you money because of our volume pricing, and our Master Installers will ensure your new replacement windows are installed properly.

We are the Houston Window Experts! Contact us today for a Free Consultation on how we can help with your window needs. You may also call us directly by dialing 832-900-7024.

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