Milgard Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

Not All Windows are Created Equal or Perform the Same

Each type of window – vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum – has its benefits and drawbacks. Here we’ll talk about Milgard aluminum windows.

The Up-side to Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are generally considered the strongest and most durable of all window frames. In addition, they’re:
  • Light
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low-maintenance
  • A good choice for hot climates because aluminum won’t bend and warp like other materials
  • Able to handle a high load capacity for increased structural integrity
Their style advantages:
  • They have a modern look and feel
  • With thinner frames (because they’re so strong) there is more glass area, allowing for an unobstructed view and a sleek appearance.
  • You’ll have more design options because of the narrow sight lines in aluminum windows.
  • They’re smooth to the touch.
  • They’re well-suited to custom homes as well as light commercial projects.

How Do Milgard Thermal Break Aluminum Windows Mitigate the Heat Transfer?

Milgard recognizes and deals with facts head-on, so they devised a plan to make their aluminum windows more energy-efficient by using a technique known as thermal breaking.

What is thermal breaking?

A thermal break reduces the amount of heat or cold transfer through the frames by creating a polyurethane separation between the outside metal parts from the inside. Milgard Thermal Break Aluminum Windows are manufactured from close-tolerance aluminum extrusions. In addition to resistance to heat transfer, these windows have lower air leakage as well. Heat naturally wants to flow to a cooler space, so in the summer the heat wants to flow to a cool interior, and in the winter it wants to get out into the cold. A thermal break creates a barrier to this natural flow. When you’re making comparisons to other windows, consider the additional options you have, like double or triple insulated glass, thermal Low-E, tinting and argon gas. These options added to the benefit of thermally broken aluminum windows will provide performance equal to or better than other materials like wood or vinyl.

What About Condensation?

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that windows do not cause condensation. They do, however, act as a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping and provide a surface for the condensation to be seen. There’s no such thing as a condensation-proof window. If you see moisture on your window, it’s a pretty sure bet that moisture is also present in your walls and ceiling.

What Options Does Milgard Provide Regarding Style?

Operating Styles Interior and Exterior Colors
  • Single or double hung
  • Horizontal sliders
  • Casement and awning style
  • Picture windows
  • Radius windows
  • Custom sizes
  • Clear anodized and bronze anodized

Houston Window Experts Can Answer All of Your Questions

Not only can we answer your questions, our AAMA certified window installers will ensure your Milgard aluminum windows are installed professionally and according to your schedule, and because we’re Milgard-certified, you can rest assured that their industry-leading full lifetime warranty will be in force.  

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