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euro-wall vista multi slide

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Who Is Euro-Wall For?

Euro-Wall provides precision-engineered products for homeowners who demand the very best. They have set out to use the best materials to create beautiful glass walls and door systems that provide the best views possible. If it’s glass that you want, Euro-Wall is for you. Not only do they succeed in uninterrupted views but they also do it while meeting the strictest building codes for storm and impact ratings in the U.S.

If you don’t need windstorm-rated doors, you still get the same quality frames and panels minus the impact-rated glass. No one is better at connecting you to your view or outdoor space.

Key Points

  • Euro-Wall specializes in custom products designed to meet the tough standards of Florida’s hurricane building codes.
  • The industry’s largest widths and heights.
  • Available in flush & low sill profile.
  • Interior wood-cladding options are available.
  • Anodized or Kynar finishes are standard, most companies call that an upgrade.
  • Constructed of superior materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

Euro-Wall, Superior by Design

Euro-Wall was born to address a very specific problem in a very specific market. All along the beaches of Florida people pay a premium for their dream home overlooking the ocean so naturally, they’d like to see as much of that view as possible. The only problem is that most manufacturers had to produce wider frames to meet the stringent hurricane codes on the coast. Euro-Wall stepped in to rethink the whole process and set out to both meet the code and maximize the view.

Their solution was to develop a frame for their sliding door that was significantly slimmer than the competition but made stronger by using a thicker walled extrusion. The end result is an interlock for their sliding door that is a staggering 15/16 of an inch wide that still exceeds the hurricane code requirements. That’s less than one inch of visual interruption!

Euro-Wall has applied the same excellence and design innovation to all of its product lines. Everything that they build is designed to meet hurricane and impact codes and withstand the harsh, corrosive, beach-front conditions. If you don’t need doors to meet these requirements you can order them without the impact glass and still enjoy the benefits of robust design and rigorous engineering that has made Euro-Wall the success that they are.

As a caveat, Euro-Wall likes to identify as a “custom shop” meaning, if you can dream it and it can be done, they’ll find a way to do it. Most manufacturers don’t want to take the time to dig into “off-menu” requests but Euro-Wall simply engineers and produces the finest in glass door systems, be it sliding, folding, pivot, or stacking and they take pride in taking challenges as they come and looking for custom solutions.

Common Features

All of the systems produced by Euro-Wall are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Florida coast which means that no matter where you are, you get a door that is engineered to be durable and operate smoothly. These common features include:

  • Aluminum 6063-T5 Extrusions
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Components
  • Multi-Point Locking Systems
  • AAMA 2605 Finishes (Powder Coat & Kynar)
  • Optional Interior Wood Cladding
  • Optional Faux Wood Exterior Finishes (AAMA 2604)
  • Customizable Simulated Divided Lite Grids

Euro-Wall Product Lines

Euro Vista Multi Slide

euro-wall vista multi slide 15/16" interlock
Euro-Wall Vista Multi Slide showing the 15/16″ interlock

With a sight-line profile of less than one inch at the interlock (where the panels meet), you’re just not going to find another multi-slide door that does any better than the Euro Vist Multi Slide. In addition to the narrow profile, Euro-Wall can produce some massive panel sizes, seven feet wide by 14 feet tall and they can configure a door up to eight panels wide. That’s an opening 56 feet wide by 14 feet high! Since these doors are designed with storms in mind, they employ a full adjustable multi-point lock which makes them extra secure. Even though the max-sized panel tips the scales at 800 pounds, they glide effortlessly thanks to their innovative nylon-kevlar rollers.

vista multi slide
  • Less than 1″ Interlock Sight Line Profile
  • Max Panel Height: 14′
  • Max Panel Width: 7′
  • Panels up to 98 sq ft
  • Panel Thickness: 1 3/4″
  • Max # of Panels: 8

Euro Vista Fold

Not only does Euro-Wall lead the way in great views with its multi-slide but the Vista Fold also boasts the widest panels and narrowest frames to give you the most unobstructed view possible with a folding door but the true beauty of a folding system is when it’s opened with the panels completely out of the way. In keeping with the Euro-Wall way of doing things, the Vista Fold is built with the same attention to detail and standards of storm and impact ratings.

Euro-Wall Vista Fold with an open corner
Euro-Wall Vista Fold with an open corner

The system is top-hung, meaning that the track on the floor is just there to guide the panels and carries no weight at all. Instead, it glides along the top track hanging from a precision machined carrier. The panels, once again, can be built up to 14 feet high and a whopping 52 inches wide! Most other folding wall systems are only capable of 12 feet max height and 48 inches max width. The Vista Fold has no limit on the opening size, if you can create the opening they can fill it with as many panels as it takes; open corners, radius, split height…they can do it. Panels can also be designated as daily use doors which operate just like a regular hinged door so you can pass through without having to fold the system.

Vista Fold
  • Max Panel Height: 14′
  • Max Panel Width: 52″
  • Max Panel Weight: 350lbs
  • Panel Thickness: 2 1/4″
  • Max # Panels: Unlimited

Euro Vista Pivot

Nothing makes a statement quite like a pivot door and no one is making pivot doors quite like the Euro Vista Pivot, you just need to see one to really appreciate the sleek, modern elegance. If you’re not familiar with how a pivot door works, it’s a door slab that doesn’t use hinges along one of the edges like typical doors. Instead, it pivots on a point offset from one of the edges which varies depending on the size of the door.

Vista Pivot Door with faux wood exterior
Euro-Wall Vista Pivot Door with faux wood exterior

Why a pivot door? What you gain, besides the uniqueness, is size. A typical hinged door has to carry all of its weight on the jamb so the larger the door the more stress and strain and likelihood that it’s going to sag and not function well. The Euro Vista Pivot system hangs from a reinforced header and pivots on a guide pin allowing for huge door sizes. They can produce a door that is 14 feet tall and just over 8 feet wide, and that’s impact rated! Now that makes a statement.

With Euro-Walls faux exterior finishes and interior cladding, you can also achieve the look and warmth of a wooden door with the strength and performance of an extruded aluminum door. The best of both worlds. The unique design of a pivot door also means that the function is nearly weightless because of the way it’s balanced. Even though the slabs can weigh up to 700 pounds they open and close with ease.

Euro-Wall Vista Pivot Door
  • Max Panel Weight: 700 lbs
  • Max Panel Height: 14′
  • Max Panel Width: 100″
  • Panel Thickness: 2 1/4″

Euro Vista Stack

For the absolute ultimate in an uninterrupted view, nothing beats a frameless stacking system. Once again, the very best of Euro-Wall’s engineering has gone into designing this top-hung system and it shows in the impressive panel sizes that it’s capable of handling. We’re talking about panels that are 15 feet 8 inches tall and 8 feet wide and the frameless configuration means that the vertical interruption is zero, just glass from one side of the opening to the other. When it’s opened, just like the name says, the panels stack out of the way to maximize your view.

Euro-Wall vista stack

The Euro Vista Stack can be combined with both framed and frameless panels as well as pivot doors so you can incorporate a day-use door for easy passage without having shuffle panels around for access. The same Euro-Wall design options apply with the same variety of finishes, interior wood cladding, and exterior faux.

Vista stack
  • Max Panel Height: 188″
  • Max Panel Width: 96″
  • Panel Thickness: 2 1/4″
  • Max Panel Weight: 660lbs
  • Max # of Panels: Unlimited

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