Western Sliding Door Review

western systems sliding door 600 series

600-Series Classic Line Multi-Slide

Key Points

  • Industry-leading innovation in high-quality aluminum windows and doors since 1959.
  • Built to “bring the outside in” by maximizing the amount of glass.
  • Modular system designed to easily join together with windows in the series.
  • Huge panels of up the 12 feet tall or 70 square feet in size.
  • Glides on stainless steel, sealed bearing for smooth operation.
  • Features a thermally-broken frame that is more energy efficient.
western sliding door

Who Are Western Systems?

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1959 Western Systems has a long history of producing for some of the harshest, hottest climates in the U.S. Their entire design philosophy is something that they like to call “Indoor-Outdoor Living” so they’ve always sought to progress toward bigger openings and smaller but stronger frame extrusions so the end result is the greatest view with the least amount of visual interruptions. Western Systems prides itself on producing sliding doors, windows, and hinged doors that you look through, not at.

western 600 series sliding door
600 Series with an open corner

Modern Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have come a long way in the past couple of decades. Once upon a time, they were primarily used by tract home builders as a cheap substitute for a french door. They were notoriously flimsy, difficult to operate, terribly inefficient, and easy to break into. Today’s sliding doors span the spectrum from entry-level all the way to high-end luxury. The advantage of the sliding door is in the view; if it’s glass that you want a sliding door is the answer.

The 600 Series Sliding Door

Clean Design

With the objective of bringing the outdoors in, Western Systems starts by getting the most glass into the least obtrusive frame extrusions. At 2.55 inches in width, the 600 Series does just that especially when you consider that Western can make panels in the 600 Series up to 70 square feet (maximum 12 feet high)! Think about that. You could create a door for an opening 12 feet wide by 10 feet tall with only 3 door panels and with only two vertical interruptions of 2.55 inches. Western sliding doors are even available in an “open-corner” configuration, there aren’t many door systems out there even capable of this.

Everything about the 600 Series Western sliding door is clean and contemporary. Featuring sleek, low-profile hardware, sharp lines, and color options to fit any palette. Best of all, the 600 Series is designed specifically to be modular with every window and door in the series. Truly modular in that the extrusions actually snap together to form a single unit without any additional mulling strips needed. This capability allows you to create a true window wall and fill massive openings with any combination of windows and doors from the 600 Series.

Built To Last

The Western 600 Series Multi-Slide isn’t just beautifully designed, it’s built to last. Born in Phoenix, Arizona these products can take the heat, quite literally. Low-E insulated glass units from Cardinal glass and thermally broken frames are employed to help reduce the transfer of heat across the aluminum extrusion and the anodized or Kynar finishes can stand up to the Arizona sun.

Western sliding doors glide effortlessly on stainless steel tracks thanks to precision sealed bearings and up to eight rollers depending on the panel size. In some cases, the rollers are rated for twice the weight of the panel. This is no accident, it’s the engineers at Western Systems designing products that perform above and beyond what is required so the consumer can rest assured knowing that they have a quality window or door that is going to operate, trouble-free, for years to come.

western systems window wall
600 Series window wall

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