The Long-Term Benefits of Hurricane-Proof Windows

hurricane proof windows


Windows designed for Hurricanes have several design features regular replacement windows don’t have. Homes located in Galveston or inland communities considered to be Wind Zones determined by the Texas Department of Insurance, can also benefit from the additional benefits. For further info, give us a call!

Hurricane-Proof Windows? Why do you need them?

Over the past 20 years, the Gulf Coast has experienced both a surge in hurricane frequency and a rise in significant damage from these powerful storms. The actual number of storms hasn’t drastically increased compared to historical trends, but the strength and impact seems to be amplifying.

Frequency: From 2004 to 2023, the Gulf Coast witnessed an average of 3 named storms making landfall per year, with 1.2 of those reaching hurricane strength. This is modestly higher than the historical average of 2.3 named storms and 0.9 hurricanes per year.

Damages: However, the consequences have become more severe. Major hurricanes like Katrina (2005), Ike (2008),Harvey (2017), and Michael (2018) inflicted catastrophic damage, causing billions in losses and displacing millions of residents.

As in investing, “past performance doesn’t predict future results”. But it is important to recognize the intensifying risks posed by Gulf Coast hurricanes. Fortifying your home (or business) by investing in preventative measures such as hurricane-proof windows will help reduce the devastating effects of these storms.

What are Hurricane-Proof Windows?

Not just for hurricanes!

Besides an actual hurricane reaching the Gulf Coast region, the Houston Metro area is known to experience severe weather. Straight-line tropical force wind, often experienced with or without tornadoes, can break off tree limbs, fell trees and blow loose fencing, yard debris and building materials into your windows. Once a traditional glass window is broken the storm can force wind blown rain into your home inflicting costly interior damage.

Hurricane proof windows are windows designed to resist the impact of flying debris caused by high winds. Wind pressure from a hurricane can cause inferior windows and installation processes to cave in. In contrast, hurricane windows are designed with two layers of glass (commonly a tempered pane and a laminated pane) set in a fortified frame and installed in a specific way. Combined, this makes the window substantially more durable and less likely to become breached in severe weather. If the tempered pane of glass does break, the laminated pane remains intact which prevents wind, rain and debris from entering the home.

What Other Benefits do Hurricane-Proof Windows Offer?

hurricane-proof windows

The specific features of windows designed for hurricane force winds have additional benefits.

  • Safety – Since most hurricane windows use both tempered and laminated glass your family will not be exposed to sharp glass shards should a window be broken.
  • Security – The stronger frames coupled with laminated and tempered glass makes it harder for an intruder to enter.
  • Energy Efficiency – Since they are double pane glass, heat gain is reduced and insulation value is improved, you save money on heating and cooling.
  • Sound Mitigation – The use of double pane glass with an air gap coupled with laminated glass improve sound-proofing.

Hurricane windows also have strong frames, typically made of wood, steel or aluminum reinforced vinyl, that can withstand the pressure and force of the storm. Hurricane windows are tested and certified by various agencies, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the Florida Building Code (FBC), to ensure they meet the acceptable standards for protection against strong winds, flying debris and wind driven rain.

In addition to the specific features of a window designed for hurricanes, the installation process requires specific locations, quantity, length and penetration of screws as required by the Texas Department of Insurance. If you are located in a wind zone area, an inspection will be called for and a TDI wind certificate issued proving compliance with standards.

The long term benefits of hurricane proof windows installed to protect your home from storm damage are clear. By reducing the risk of broken glass, water intrusion, and structural collapse as well as noise reduction, energy efficiency, and UV protection, Hurricane-Proof windows are a worthwhile investment for homeowners wherever you live.

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Hurricane Proof Windows FAQ’s

  1. How Much do Hurricane Proof Windows Cost?
    Answer: Given the design, additional testing and certification of windows installed in wind zones, hurricane proof windows cost more that other double-pane replacement windows. As is common with any window installation, the size and style also affect the cost.
  2. Are Hurricane Proof Doors Also Available?
    Answer: When you fortify your home with storm proof windows, know that your patio doors and french doors will also need to be hurricane proofed. Our select window and door vendors have options available for all types of entry doors as well.
  3. Are Hurricane Proof Windows Bullet Proof?
    Answer: No. Hurricane-proof windows are not bullet proof.
  4. Are Double-Pane Windows Hurricane Proof?
    Answer: In order to be hurricane proof, windows and doors need to be constructed in a very specific way.
  5. Are Hurricane Proof Windows Expensive?
    Answer: Typically, prices are about double good quality replacement windows. The ROI can outweigh price differences though.
  6. What Kind of Windows are Hurricane proof?
    Answer: Only windows designed, built and certified as such.
  7. Do Hurricane Impact Windows Really Work?
    Answer: Yes. The design of these windows are significantly stronger that non-hurricane windows and doors.
  8. Is There a Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?
    Answer: Impact windows have fewer design elements. For example, impact windows may only have laminated glass but lack the fortified frame and installation methods required to protect against strong wind.

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