Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered Glass Windows

There are many places in a home where tempered glass windows would be advantageous or required.

Also known as safety glass, it is much stronger than standard glass and does not break into dangerous shards and slivers. Tempered glass shatters into smoother pieces making it much safer. This type of window is 4-5 times more durable than normal glass panes.

Tempered Glass Windows Resist Heat and Breakage

Tempered glass windows are manufactured by an extreme heating and quick cooling process. This procedure creates glass that is also heat resistant, making it useful for such things as oven doors and coffee carafes. You can also find this type of glass in shower enclosures, skylights, and computer screens. It is very effective in high impact and extreme heat situations. Because they are heat resistant, they can maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home, regardless of extreme summer temperatures.

Universal building codes regulate when it is appropriate to use tempered glass windows. Windows in doors, glass adjacent to doors, glass in walls in stairways, in shower/tub areas, and swimming pool areas are some of the places you will find this product. The codes are very specific with dimensions of windows that also require safety glass.

Safety First With Tempered Glass Windows

Anytime there is a risk of someone falling or walking through a window, it is advantageous to use tempered glass. Obviously, your family’s safety is your top concern, and anything that will assist in protecting them is good. These windows are particularly effective for areas prone to tornado, hail, and wildfire. They are not the same as impact resistant hurricane windows, but will provide protection in less than hurricane force winds. And should the window shatter, clean-up is a breeze! Just sweep or even vacuum the pieces up!

Houston Window Experts has a variety of tempered glass windows for homeowners to choose from. Our trained professionals are up to date on all building codes, and can guide you in the selection process. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation. Let us help you keep your family safe!

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