Window Questions “They” Won’t Like

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Windows are one of those purchases that you need to take your time on and do your research. It can save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run. Here are the top five questions window companies may not want you to ask.

Question One

Do I Have To Buy Windows Today?

When window shopping, you’ll encounter two main types of companies. One will give you honest information, answering all your questions with no tricks or gimmicks, then back away to allow you time to research and decide. The other type is the buy or die, tribe. They will stay with you feeding you discounts on subpar windows or service until you buy their windows or one of you dies! This description may be a little extreme, but it is a sales tactic used to increase sales through pressure and preying upon people’s vulnerabilities.

Question Two

Are there any hidden fees in the financing options you’ve given me?

Many companies have great financing options because they’ve negotiated deals that include fees the company will have to pay to get you a better rate. Those fees will be passed along to the consumer adding to the cost of your window. Be sure to educate yourself about different types of financing options you have so you will get a good deal, instead of one that looks good on paper but will end up costing you in the end.

Question Three

Who is installing the windows?

You will be dealing with your salesperson for a short time, but most of your time will be spent with the installers of your windows. Ask questions about your installers. Are they direct employees of the company you’ve hired, or are they contractors or a third party? Sometimes contractors will do a great job but do your research. Get references for jobs they have completed. Talk with homeowners to see if they are really as great as the company says they are.

Question Four

Tell me about your warranty?

Ask questions like: What happens if my windows leak? What types of guarantees do you have? Who will come and fix issues? If you do happen to have a problem after your windows are installed, be sure you know who will be responsible for fixing the problem. Some warranties are material only so you’re stuck paying the labor. Not just windows, but damage to your walls and floors as well. Get all of the facts before choosing a window company.

Question Five

What materials do you use when installing windows?

Some things can be done more inexpensively than others, but there is a difference between ninety-nine cent caulk and $12 caulk. You want to make sure the company you chose works with quality materials to ensure your window installation is done properly. From flashing to foam, what types of materials are being used top seal up your home against the elements.

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