5 Ways to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We spend so much time inside our homes that it’s easy to let the outside go. Enhanced curb appeal can increase the resale value of your home, as well as bring a smile to your face. Here are some simple ideas to regain the wow effect when you pull up to the front of your house.

Haul the Junk Away


Decluttering floors and surfaces is an important step in changing how the interior of your home looks and feels. Clearing out excess stuff from your yard, porch, and driveway will give a breath of fresh air to those areas and can even prevent pest and mold problems.

Have a garage sale or donate to charity unused things, and put out for bulk trash pick up or hire a junk hauling service to take away unusable items.

Once the junk is gone and you can park in the garage again, it might be time for a garage floor redo. Give a call to Amazing Floors, our sister company, for a concrete floor coating four times stronger than epoxy that really lives up to the name. 

Pressure Wash the Driveway and Walkways

Make those walkways shine again. 

Dirt, oil, mold, algae and grime can creep up and invite a dingy look leading up to your door. Concrete surfaces and paving stones are great places to do a DIY pressure washing job. Depending on your level of experience, wood surfaces and the house itself may be best left to the pros, as they are easier to accidentally damage.

Get a New Front Door

What does everyone see first on the front of your home? That’s right, your front door. Painting your door a bright color is an easy way to make it pop. Already tried that every year in a different hue? For a truly eye-catching centerpiece, how about upgrading to a modern glass door? Fleetwood Windows and Doors offers stunning options.

Add Outdoor Lighting

For curb appeal that works night and day, add in outdoor lighting. This can be as simple and affordable as sticking some solar powered lights in your lawn and flowerbeds to illuminate the pathways with soft light. For the next level: landscape uplighting gives a dramatic look to trees and other large plants.

Light up the porch and side yard to enhance the security and visual impact of your space, whether from spotlighting or unique fixtures.

Install a Container Garden


Redoing the landscaping is a major undertaking that is sure to add loads to your curb appeal. A micro project of installing a container garden or window box can be completed in an afternoon. 

Try planting colorful fresh flowers, herbs, ornamental cabbages or grasses, or a variety of succulents. The advantage of container gardens is that you can clump them together or move them around when it’s time for a change.

We hope this helps get the inspiration flowing for a fresh look for the front of your home. We can’t help with everything, but we can help with what we are good at, and that’s window and glass door replacement. 

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