Best Window Companies in Houston

Best Window Company in Houston
Ludy Family: Josh, Kayla, Sandra and Jeff.
Ludy Family: Josh, Kayla, Sandra, and Jeff.

Every window company in Houston is competing for the title of The Best Window Company In Houston. Unfortunately, they also claim that THEY are the Best in Houston. As par for the course, we also believe that WE are the best in Houston.

What a dilemma!

Top 12 Points To Check When Selecting A Window Company

Since we will all claim we are the best, here is a checklist we suggest you use when evaluating one window company over another. While this list is not every question you could ask, it will give you a headstart on what to ask of a prospective window company.

  • Do they have a brick-and-mortar building? While having a building is not proof of a good company, it can, at least, provide you with a business location you can drive to and discuss your concerns if there is a problem. Many window companies work out of their homes and are considered less established than professionals with full-time staff and an office in a public location. You may visit our beautiful 2500 SF showroom Monday-Friday from 8 AM-6 PM to meet our staff and view our products.
  • Are their crews sub-contractors? Most window companies claim to have employee crews, but the truth is that they are merely sub-contractors. The problem with this is that the sub-contractor is likely not covered by the company’s insurance policy since he is a third party to the agreement. Ask the prospective window company if the installers are driving a company vehicle and if they are paid as 1099s or as employees.
  • What are their insurance coverages like? If there is ever an accident at your home, you will want the assurance that the window company carries at least $2,000,000 of liability insurance and Texas Worker’s Compensation insurance. Any reputable window company will be able to provide you with these documents.
  • Are the installers trained and certified to install the products they sell? AAMA certification assures you that the people installing your windows and doors are adequately trained to install and service the products they sell. The manufacturers train all of our crews and are also certified Master Installers by AAMA.
  • How do you measure the windows? A good company will measure to the 1/4″ increment to customize the fit to each opening. A great window company will measure to the 1/16″ for precise sizing and best results. Ask your prospective window company how they measure the windows. Remember that the tighter the window, the better the seal and the cleaner the look. Do you want more window or more caulk? Installing a tight-fitting window is hard work, so most companies undersize their windows to save time. We don’t; instead, we measure the window as tight as possible so you get more glass, less caulking, and a customized fit.
  • Do they smash out the old windows or do they cut them out carefully and not damage your home. When window installers get paid by the window, instead of by the hour, they want to rush and get more windows installed in a day. Because of this, they typically use the “Smash-N-Dash” method instead of the “Slow-N-Go”. Taking your time and not cutting corners offers the very best installation. Demand the best.
  • Check out their reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. Look on the web to see what others have to say. In fact, do a search like this.. “Houston Window Experts Complaints”. Look for the bad on a company and see if you can tolerate the possibilities of a bad installation.
  • Ask for a list of references of real people who purchased windows from the company. Do your due diligence and be sure to contact at least three former clients on that list. Ask about the installation and the overall process. Did they make promises they could not keep? Were they on time, neat and professional?
  • Ask if you can drop-in on an ongoing project to see the skill level of the crew that will be installing your windows. Look to see if they are using landscape trailers designed for mowers or enclosed trailers designed for windows.
  • Did the representative provide a printed and detailed proposal for the windows and was there a written warranty regarding service and labor? We offer a written Platinum Warranty on each project we install. It lays out the details of what you can expect if you ever have any issues with your windows, doors or our labor.
  • Do they offer 24hr, 365 day emergency service? With our Platinum Warranty, we offer 24/7/365 emergency response to get your home dried-in and secure should you have a window or door break. This is included for free in our warranty.
  • Be sure to ask who will handle a warranty claim if the need should arise. Also ask if there are any deductibles or labor charges. Most window warranties are for parts only and exclude labor. Most of our competitors will give you a number to the manufacturer if you ever have a warranty claim. At Houston Window Experts we handle all warranty processing on your behalf with all the brands we sell and install. You will never be handed off to a third party. Our warranties also include labor, not just the parts.
best window companies

Top 3 Window Companies in Houston

We wish we could install every window and door project in Houston but we realize that we are not the only great window company in town. We believe we are the best but if we had to name a couple other companies in the top 3, here is who we would suggest you contact:

1. Houston Window Experts

2. Renaissance Windows

3. Gulf Coast Windows

While there are other window companies that are likely good at what they do, we know that finding the best may be very important to you. Our clients have told us that we exceeded their expectations, and that while we were not the cheapest, we were competitive. If we can have the opportunity to discuss your project with you, we believe you will find that we are knowledgeable, polite, prompt and clearly the best!

We are the Houston Window Experts! Contact us today for a Free Consultation on how we can help with your window needs. You may also call us directly by dialing 832-900-7024.

Our Services include: Replacement Windows Houston, TX metro area. Houston Window Experts is a privately owned and operated company in Houston TX. For more information about us, please write to info [at] or call our Houston office at (832)900-7024. All material is copyright of Houston Window Experts. Houston, TX.

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