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When you walk up to a home, the first thing you notice is almost always the front door. In beautiful homes, the front door is usually well-maintained, strong and durable, and—most importantly—inviting to guests. If your current door leaves much to be desired, it is time to consider door replacement in Houston.

A front door if your first chance at a good impression, but other doors, such as patio doors, sliding glass doors, and French doors are important to maintain as well. At Houston Window Experts, we offer a lot more than window installation—we also specialize in door replacement and door installation.

If you have been thinking about replacing or installing a door in your home, you have come to the right place. With years of experience, our team of door replacement experts will make sure your new door is a perfect fit for you.

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Why Replace the Doors of Your Houston Home?

Replacing an outmoded entry door with Houston Window Experts is one of the smartest home improvement investments that any homeowner in our area can make. Residential doors that have become warped due to weather and the passage of time no longer make a good fit inside a doorjamb.

Not only can old doors cause security concerns, but they are responsible for increasing energy costs by leaking both hot and cold air from inside a home. There are many signs that show that it is time to replace the doors in your home. Below are some of the common signs we see at Houston Window Experts:

  • Exterior doors are sticking to the existing frame, making them tricky to open or close, often requiring jiggling or slamming.
  • Doors have become rusty, scratched, dirty, dented, or warped over time.
  • The seal between the door and the frame has failed, causing moisture and mold to build up.
  • Cold or warm air is leaking through the sides, top, and bottom of the door, causing a drafty home and an increasing the average costs of your energy bills.

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, it is time for a door replacement! Read on to find out more about replacement front doors in Houston, and to see what your options are for finding new, beautiful doors.

Starting the Door Replacement Process

If this is your first time replacing or installing a new door, there are some things you ought to consider. While doors should be beautiful and functional, they should also be energy-efficient. This means that your door will not raise your energy bills by bringing drafts or warm air into your home, which helps to offset the cost of door replacement.

Your new door should also be made from high-quality material. At Houston Window Experts, we offer many different door replacement material options, including steel, wood, and fiberglass. When choosing the right material for your door replacement project, there are a few questions you should answer for yourself:

  • What type of doors are currently in your home or building? Some homeowners prefer to find new doors that match the look and materials of their current doors. This may not be as important when it comes to installing front doors, which often look different than back doors or patio doors.
  • What will the door be used for? Some doors need to be highly functional and durable, and others need to be used simply for decorative purposes.
  • How much time will you want to devote to maintenance in the future? Steel, wood, and fiberglass are materials that are highly different from each other. Materials like fiberglass and steel require a lot less maintenance than solid wood, which is prone to warping and scratches but is also more aesthetically pleasing than other options.
  • What type of climate do you live in? The Houston climate is notoriously hot and humid. You might do best with a material that stands up well to intense Texas climates.
  • Are you looking to lower your utility bills? Replacement doors can greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency by preventing temperature loss.

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to go to your Houston door replacement company. At Houston Window Experts, we take the time to work with each and every customer who comes through our doors. After all, replacing your doors requires a lot more than simple measurements and aesthetics. Our experienced team will think carefully about each answer to the above questions, making sure to provide you with a new door made of the material that works best with your lifestyle.

Deck or Patio Door Replacement Houston

Any great deck or patio deserves to be showcased, and part of that includes finding the right replacement patio door. There are some great options out there, such as sliding and hinged patio doors. Each has many benefits and energy-efficient features. These types of doors allow a greater viewing area, giving you the added advantage of being able to enjoy your garden or yard from inside your home. At Houston Window Experts, we offer many different brands of deck or patio replacement doors. Some of our most popular options include the following Milgard Door products:

  • Tuscany Series Sliding Patio Doors
  • Montecito Series Vinyl Patio Doors
  • Style Line Series Vinyl Doors
  • Aluminum Patio Doors

Milgard Patio Doors are some of the most popular replacement patio door options because of the benefits that come with them. These patio doors are double- and triple-glazed with SunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E coatings. This means that these patio doors are much more energy-efficient than low-quality brands you might find at other door replacement companies.

When we replace your patio doors, our team will visit your home to custom measure your space to ensure the installation goes smoothly. Our team will also take the time to ensure that the door is sliding easily in its tracks, so that it works perfectly for years to come.

Replacement Doors Add Value to Your Houston Home

When it comes to replacing the doors in your home, one of the biggest considerations is often energy efficiency. While it is important to ensure your home is not too hot during the summer months or too cold during the winter months, it is also important to keep your utility bills low. That’s what replacement doors can do for you. At Houston Window Experts, we work with many of the top brands in door replacement, offering you only the best options for your door replacement project.

For improving energy efficiency, one of our most popular brands is Andersen, which offers top-quality aluminum replacement doors. Residential doors that were selected by the original contractor of the house are often decades old and don’t have the energy efficiency or style featured by the new replacement doors offered by Andersen. New residential entryway doors all feature double-pane glass in order to perform at maximum energy efficiency.

Andersen residential doors also help to greatly improve a home’s appearance and curbside appeal because they are handcrafted from some of the finest varieties of wood available. Andersen can recommend the right matching storm or screen door for added energy efficiency and security. With more than a century of experience in the door industry, Andersen knows the doors in your house serve as much more than mere entry or exit points.

That’s why they craft replacement doors that bring energy efficiency, durability, and value to your home. This can be especially important if you are thinking about selling your home in the future. Whether you want to replace a front-entry door or a patio door leading into the backyard or garden, replacement doors provide a sense of character for your home, in addition to offering increased security and a way of improving overall energy efficiency.

That’s why Andersen is proud to offer Houston-area homeowners the widest variety of doors on the market to replace old, worn-out doors and improve the value as well as the energy efficiency of your home.

Energy-Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

Believe it or not, sliding glass doors can be energy-efficient. Window technology has advanced considerably in the last few decades. New innovations have been developed to address some of the biggest problems that are associated with windows and glass patio doors, including top-selling models by Fleetwood. These vinyl replacement patio doors are loaded with cutting-edge features that make them far more energy-efficient than most traditional designs. Sliding glass doors are a very popular choice among homeowners.

They typically require little maintenance and cleaning is a breeze. For those who enjoy lots of natural light, they are the obvious choice. Manufacturers have come a long way in perfecting these units. These days, they are much more durable and have smoother gliding systems. Double-strength tempered glass makes them much safer as well. And because these doors slide parallel to your wall, you don’t have to worry about furniture obstructions or walking paths. Sliding glass doors are easy to clean and maintain, and they also offer great UV protection.

Whether you choose hinged or sliding doors, you are certain to find great features that will enhance any deck or patio. Insulated glass and double-pane options can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Weatherstripping and impact-resistant glass options provide additional protection from whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. There are many styles, colors, and glass options to choose from, making customization easier than ever.

Features of Vinyl Replacement Patio Doors by Milgard Include the following:
  • Low-E glass coatings: Special solar control coatings are available for the glass in most vinyl replacement sliding patio doors. These low-emissivity, or Low-E, coatings reflect heat to the outside during the summer and keep it inside during the winter, so indoor temperatures remain more consistent thanks to improved thermal performance.
  • Dual and triple glazing: The most energy-efficient patio doors don’t have just one pane of glass—they have two or three. Dual and triple glazing, as it is known, is prized for its ability to improve the insulating properties of windows and doors, so it is a great feature to consider.
  • Argon and Krypton gas-filled air space: The spaces between the panes in dual- and triple-glazed doors can be filled with gases like argon and krypton for even better thermal performance. These inert gases are crystal clear, so they won’t spoil the view.

Replacement Garden or French Doors

Garden doors, also known as hinged patio doors or French doors, offer an element of class to your home. Initially popular during the French renaissance period, these doors let in beautiful natural light no matter the season. Traditional French or garden doors usually open in or out, but homeowners have many more options nowadays.

In modern French doors, the panels and frames are fusion-welded, giving them profound strength. If you would rather go with the traditional look, we also offer options for doors that swing in or out. Outside hinged doors are reinforced with galvanized steel and fixed gear hinges make these doors dependable and durable. You can enjoy access to your beautiful backyard for years to come. They also have a more formal or classic look, making them very appealing.

Discover the Difference a Local Company Makes

When looking for professional door replacement companies in Houston, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, so many companies claim to be “the greatest.” So how can you really know which company deserves your valuable time and money?

Everyone loves sliding glass doors! They are easy to clean, low maintenance, and offer UV protection.

The key is experience. If you want your doors installed professionally and correctly, Houston Window Experts is the best choice for you. Our local, family-owned and operated business has a reputation for being on time and neat, and our crews perform immaculate cleanups when the work is done. Most importantly of all, we are committed to providing impeccable customer service every step of the way.

There are lots of advantages to hiring Houston Window Experts for the installation of high-quality vinyl replacement patio doors. First, because we have volume buying power and are debt-free, we are able to offer today’s best products for some of the most competitive prices around. Unlike more contractors, you don’t deal with salespeople when you work with us—you work directly with our experienced owner.

Now is the time for homeowners to find the ideal door replacements in Houston to enhance their deck or patio, and Houston Window Experts is just the company to call. Our design team will help you create the perfect look for your patio and our expert installation crew will have everything installed in no time.

If you’re ready to replace your old, inefficient sliding patio doors with high-quality doors or sliding door models, do yourself a favor and stick with Houston Window Experts. When you’re ready for your door or window replacement project, get your free estimate from the pros at Houston Window Experts. You will be glad you did!

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