How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

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Replacing the windows on your home is a great way to increase its value. Once you have decided to look into new windows; you will find that one of the major factors you will want to consider would be the replacement windows cost. But no matter how wonderful the idea of new windows seems if it is unaffordable then you will likely pass on new windows at this time.

Here in this article, I will answer the question of the cost of windows in more than one aspect.

How Much Will the Window Cost?

Replacement windows going into an existing home will need to be customized to your opening sizes. Because of this, you can expect to spend more per window than if you were buying windows for a new construction project. Below you’ll find typical replacement windows prices you can expect to pay for a 36″ wide x 60″ tall single-hung window with energy-efficient glass:

  • Builder Grade Vinyl $400-$700
  • Mid-Grade Vinyl $700-$900
  • Premium Vinyl $900-$1200
  • Thermally Improved Aluminum $1200-$1500
  • Fiberglass $1600-$2000
  • Wood Interior with Fiberglass Exterior $1800-$2100
  • All Wood Window $2500-$3000
  • All Wood with Aluminum Exterior Cladding $2300-$2800

How Much Would Labor To Install New Windows Cost?

A typical installation cost can vary between $300-$500 per window; depending on the level of difficulty and what type of window you are choosing to install. I believe that the installer is probably more critical to the success of your project than the window itself. A good window with a bad installer is NOT what you want.

This is where you separate the bad, good, and great companies from each other. Know your window and know your installer. 

Here is a recent post that I read on Houzz from a lady who chose one of our competitors over us because we were about 15% higher in new windows cost.

She regrets not choosing us for her replacement window project.
She regrets not choosing us for her project.

What about the Window World $249 Window I See Advertised?

That’s a good question. I have seen their final estimates for replacement windows cost. They are definitely not $249 when they add on all the things that are NOT included in their ad. The average I have seen from Window World of Houston is an average cost of $569 for a window. 

Please note that I am not knocking them. In fact, I send them business nearly every day. If you have a rental property or a home you are trying to flip then they would be a good option for you. However, if this is your primary home and you want a quality window that will last for a while and that also looks great, then they are not a good option for you.

How Do I Find Out What It Will Really Cost To Replace My Windows?

The best way to know for certain; would be to have two or three reputable window companies come to your home. Then compare them on every aspect of the project. You will not only want to see their windows; you will want to rest assured that they can offer quality installation and that they will stand behind their service. Be sure to ask about the installers, the warranty, and who handles service. Ask if they carry Worker’s Comp insurance in case someone gets hurt at your home.

Be sure to read online reviews before you make a purchase. Just because they have a big advertising campaign does not mean that they offer the best value.

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Thanks for reading this article on new windows cost.

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